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I keep getting calls from this number but with no mesages left....
Received a gmail asking for info about our courses - each time called (twice) got voicemail.
young male called about reducing electric rates by 12%could barely understand him with his ebonics.  he had trouble reading whatever he was trying "axe" meit was probably legit but i hung up anyway.  better than having them come to the door like other companies have been doing.
do no give these people any info there a bunch of losers who do not identify themselves and do not tell you where they are from but want your credit card number.
I, got a phone call, phone rang 2 times I picked it up then the man said oh I, got the wrong ** and said have a good day.
Got a call from this guy... told me it was for Payday Loans... I answer the phone saying my full name and he asks after a second pause "is Michael there?... I said "I just answered the phone with my Name, I guess that would mean I'm here right?... So we get into it and I ask him who he is and what company he works for and he refused to tell me... Then made some comment about me riding the short bus... Real Jerk... I laughed and peppered him with questions about who he works for and laughed about he having to stay on the phone with me and losing out on other sales... He Hung up...
11 Jan 2011I also got a reply from Craigslist that appears to be some sort of scam... person supposedly named Sophia who wrote:"Hello, i would like to know if this is still available and when i can come check it out. I really want this and i would try and call you afterwards.I am speech impaired though but would call you on tty...Thanks...(270) 515-3041"
I was at work and some man name Charlie Mason say that there is a lawsuit against me and that in two hours they were going to call me boss and come pick me up from work and hold me there so I can be process for a bail of 5,000. I asked from who and they said Cash Net. I have dealt with the loan on the computer before but i paid it all back already. That's wy it sound fishy. So, when they called me the called me from a (052)664-410 number and told me to call them back on a (425)606-3034 number and I called and they didn't answer and then they called me back from the (052) number. I spoked to person you can tell by the foreign accent and I ask so many question He hung up. So becarefull everyon cause they got me once and i will never be tricked again.
Have received several calls from this unmber. No message has been left, only a busy when I call it. Any thoughts?
got the txt your mobile number has won 6800000 in the atm card awards. send email to
They called stating I won $1000.00 and to dial 1 to claim my price. Not true!Dijeron que me gane $1000.00 y que marcara el 1 para recibir mi premio. No es verdad!
I got a call from this number and like Staci they left no message. I called it right back and I got a message telling the number is out of service.
Yep I just got a message to, and the same thing!.. I won $2,000,000.00..... I nearly peed knew it was too good to be true!... don't people have something better to do, what do they get out of doing this?..... it must cost them a fortune to text all of us!... Fools!..I am with vodaphone, so I will have to find out what is goin on here!....and put a bar on that number!
yeah i just got the message to, at first i was believing it but if it wasn't for my daughter then i probably would have been hooked. I rang the number back, i asked where they were and they said in Engalnd and the promotion was in England then i asked why they were doing it in Australia. He started confusing me and pushing me to believe it, and made it clear to use my email, my number an my name. If it wasn't for my daughter googling to this website, i would of been scammed. i'm with telstra and i'm now calling them to complain.
My phone is being bombared with SMS messages about $2mil that i won, i got about 10 of them since 6am. Rang Optus my service provider in Australia to see what can be done to block them.
xvtiso shetekauri893279491
Got the same text in Canada
same message 353867287425
Got SAME MESSAGE!SCAM, of course!
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