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just rang me about a questionair i filled out about winning a dream holiday i asked if id won it and she just said they are checking details so i hung up :)
they r called club la costa i hung up
i to keep getting tthis number after looking at tthese notes i have not answered the calls but would like to no where it is coming from and who is making them
These people are from some company who calls and harreses people. They try to find buyers for sellers of cars on these web sites, they need to get a real job.
they have been calling me for about 5 days now.
I saw your posted ad and I decided to contact you. My name is Owen Gibson, I am a money lender as well as Angel investor, reply my email for more information on how to acquire loan from me via my email: Gibson loans money... I declined to go through with a loan but gave out my basic information.  I'm just glad I did not give out any personal account information because I have no idea who I was dealing with.  My phone is ringing every hour, two and three times since.  That's the last time I do that.  I just need these calls to stop.
Same here. three times already....... ... can someone stop this?
I got the exact same call today, and I'm not too happy to find out it's some type of scam. Said her name was Debbie, saw my resume online, calling from Livonia but couldn't understand the company she said. Called back and went to a voicemail that wasn't set-up. Very weird, and not cool at all!
Me to today.....Got a call from 44-20-3328-5996.... i am from denmark.....
Called and told me I had won a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas.  I got the same call from 701-934-8989 half an hour earlier.  Look up the 701 number on for more info.  These people are crooks.
Just answered the phonecall and it was someone from Vodafone...don't trust this oke
This number is calling me, every 2-3 days .... if I answer the call ... I have to wait and I will be connected ....
ill also get a phonecall from this same number.Ill call it back en ill get a voicemail from spain.
its a callcenter from vodaphone dont ever say yes!!!!then youre hooked on a mobile abbo
Same here. If I call back the numer does"nt exsit
I received a call from this number on: 1/18 at 11:53am, 1/20 at 12:08pm and 8:58pm. No message is ever left.  I tried calling this number back 30 minutes later and "this number is no longer in service".
Thanks for the tip guys...I will avoid calling back. She said her name was Debbie, but she was obviously Indian (Debbie is a common name there?), and stated that she found my resume online. The weird thing is she gave me this callback number, but she called from Springfield, Illinois. Also, it sounded like she was calling from a bus stop.
I am also getting the call from this number and immediatly gets disconnect.who is calling from this nubmer.??/
Got 3 calls from this person wanting $500.00 to sell my car that is listed on Told him if he could sell the car he could take the $500.00 from the proceeds. He got very agitated and said he had other calls to make and hung up on me.
got a call from this number stating i was a reference on someone else's account. a guy with a think accent left a message that if i did not return the call, federal charges would be filed against me. I did return the call, read the guy the riot act and he told me the person whose account this is regarding was under federal investigation and their SSN was in danger of being blocked. When i asked for the name of the company, he refused to supply info and hung up on me! I called back to speak to a manager since they were very rude! They kept hanging up! I kept calling back! They became very frustrated, kept calling and hanging up! They later said I was harassing them, and don't call back. It was too funny! Ha ha! I'm going to continue bothering them so no further calls be made
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