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I answered once...MONTHS ago, it was the Beacon Journal....I TOLD them to take my number off their list and stop calling...i didn't ask...I told them.....they still call weekly...months later.....turned the number in to the do not call.....they still call. Screw phones, I'm tired of being harassed by idiot callers who won't stop even when you tell them to, and when they aren't supposed to call in the first place.
This phone number called me, someone said something in a strange language.. dont know who. I live in Sweden!
Just received a call from this number and the person was accented and said "I would like to speak to the individual that is responsible for paying the electric bill." I started to tell him that this is a business number and he was trying to tell me he'll call back, but I asked him not to call back as this is a business number. Hopefully they will respect that otherwise next time I will NOT be as nice. Legit businesses should register their phone numbers and not cold call people with "not available". Shady.
This number came up on my Caller ID at 3:18 p.m. 1/20/2011 - NOT AVAILABLEI have Call Intercept on my phone which should block phone numbers like this, yet it still came through.  They do not leave a message and if I answer the phone no one is there.  This is very disturbing.  I do not accept solitation calls at my residence.  I realize telemarketers have to make a living too, but not on my line, I am not interested.
Hi, Please someone tells me, how can i stop receiving texts from these stupid guys!!!!!  Each time i receive a text from this number, it costs 3 $ for me!! Please help!
I have gotten several calls from this #. I have a car listed on AutoTrader. The guy said he was 'Ricky Allen' from Allied Auto Group in California. He suggested he could sell  my car for more money and all I needed to do waas pay a $500.00 Broker fee up front. He then proceeded to ask me if I would be paying the fee with a visa or mastercard. Yeah, Right!!. Sure, Why not give my credit card info to every Tom,ick and Harry who calls me on the phone.
These people are scammers. They call saying they have a case pending against you from the BCI. Say the pending a state investigation they will be proceeding with charges unless I wanted to take care of this today. Oh and today was the only day I could do it. So I said if it is a state investigation then I can call the state to verify, of course then he back peddled. No its not the state. Basically they try to talk all over you to make you feel like its legit. They are a SCAM!! They claim to be with ezcash usa. Also they try to get your managers information because they can only send your case information to a manager or a lawyer, oh yeah and your "Lawyer doesnt have to have a bar license. REALLY!! lol. So if you havent already fell victim. It is a scam and report them to homeland security. That is what I did.
Yeah, I have an ad on My car is listed for $12,000. The guy told me he's an auto broker, and that the Blue Book value of my car is really $14,000 (it's not), and that he has a buyer ready to pay me $14,000. All I have to do is send him a $500 broker's fee. When I asked him why he couldn't just take his $500 cut from the buyer and forward the remaining $13,500 to me, he got really mad, told me I was stupid for not understanding why he was offereing me such a great deal, accused me of being dishonest for posting an ad and not wanting to sell my car, and then hung up on me. Do people really fall for that scam? I suppose some must.
This is a complete phone scam.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY.  IT sound like the same person trying to disguis his voice. He calls from a phone number 052-664-410, then leave a message to call him back at another phone number that does not belong to him.  He calls saying he is a debit collector for Cashenet or another company. He uses the names of Charile, Chris Williams, Anthony Wells, and Frank Wilson. If you get a call from this person, please report it to your state's Attonery Generals Office and made a local police report.  The issue right now is finding out where the calls are coming from. Thank You for listening.  Please report this scammer.
I recived the first call from these people today. the number on my cell was this (052-797-815) and yes thats all.  They asked for me, told me that they have all my personal information then stated that my sister had gotten a loan from them and used me as a ref. and that she has not attempted to pay it back and they were filing fraud charges on her. So i told them that i would call her one time and one time only to give her his name (Franklin Black) and the number 772-360-4105. I  also told him that they better not ever call me again about her debt for it was their stupidity for giving her a loan.  There should be a Law against someone using you as a Ref. without the initial company calling to make sure its ok first. Lets see if they call me back
The law office of Mitchell Cohen called for someone named Kay Leon leaving this number and requesting a call back. Never called.
Received call from this number 01/18/2011 at 12:41pm???
Dont know why  I recieved this call at 8;55 at night.
I get a call from them once a day and they never leave a message or talk to me if I answer.  The message they leave is classical music.
Si, efectivamente no se qué buscan pero dicen llamar de INBURSA pidiendo datos como nombre, dirección, teléfonos, correos, etc. Por favor tengan cuidado!
This 'automated telemarketer' out of Jacksonville, FL. These automated machines wait for you say 'hello' as soon as you do ~ you are switched to an agent. You may report them to the Florida Department of Agriculture ~ Department of Consumer Affairs.Who handles such matters with in the state of Florida.Two things: One, for $10.00 a year, you may register you phone number with the Department and if you receive another phone call, the State of Florida will sue them and attempt revoke their Florida business license. The $10.00 goes into a fund used for that purpose. Check it out on the web.Second; If your phone is so equipped; Save the called number to your phone's memory. Then assign a special 'ring tone''  to them. My last two phones had a 'NO RING' selection which ment that the phones does not ring when it sees that number.
They have been calling me for weeks. An option was given to say I was not the person they were calling. I took that option, but then they called again today.  Left a long message on my answering machine that indicated if I didn't say I was not the person I was acknowledging that I was the person.  They left this number.  I called it and spoke with a person who again asked me if I was that person.  I said no, he said well I guess they had this number before.  I've had my number for 16 years so I doubt that!!!
My friend received the same exact phone call, from Charlie Mason who says he is an officer of the law and that she had 3 cybercrime counts against her.  I told her it sounds like a scam, and she asked him several questions and he hung up.Total scam, don't be fooled.
Got a call and when I did not pick. A blank VM was left.
17-01-2010 missed Called. Yes it is à number from spain but who is that?
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