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912716380  MBNA
Pinnacle Financial Group, Inc.7825 Washington Avenue SMinneapolis, Minnesota 55439
Debt Consolidation? Caller Identification: Blue Pay
same problem. they claim to be calling from the Ontario Economic Development Office.  They should be fined and/or shut down as its fraud to pose as a government agency.
Some spammer. He claimed to be from the "Business development office" When I asked who they were and what they were trying to sell me he repeated the business development office chit. When I asked if he was government he hung up. The area code seems to be New York but my webstats show no New York Activity. He had a Filipino accent
These people called me today. I was clearly annoyed because I keep getting these debt solutions/help with your debt companies calling me on my work phone. The girl was really rude and defensive and still wanted to talk to me about my debt even after I told her I didn't have any. I had to hang up on her because she wouldn't listen to me. I told her to take my number off of her list and she said they would. Yeah right. . .
They've called me twice now and haven't left a message
My mother receive the same call!
I used to get call frm this number, wht any conv, it gets disc. When i tried to call back it reports invalid no.
I just received a call from this number on my cell phone. The man on the other end said he was with a VISA sweepstakes and he was based out of Utah and that I had been entered to win $25000 because I had used my credit card to shop with, when I told him I don't own a credit card he said it was probably my bank card used as credit, he then started asking general survey questions, but never got around to asking anything personal because when it sank in that he said he was in Utah, but I recognized the 423 TN area code I told him I wasn't interested and hung up.. I'm going to go to the VISA website and report this to them.
I also received a call on my mobile number. I don't know who it is. I really want to know it.
The same on 15 januari 10.30 i had a call from this was a missed call. if i call back, the number doesnt exist/?//
it is a number from spain, i missed the call too!!
17/1/2011 11.41 missed call
Got a text about getting $1,500 wired into my bank. Left me as website. Never used it
I have received several calls, which are recorded messages, from this number.  I am restistered on the "no call list".  The message is regarding interest rates on my credit card.  They leave a number to call.  I have never called the number.
who called me
Who are these people?
Same thing from me today...a response from a craigslist as.   Signed Sophia - same message - something just seemed off about the response.  I'm glad I looked up the number.
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