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.....Update to my post above. Seems to be a genuine UK Mail employee as it was confimed that they had my work address but my home post code.
ADVERTISING PROTECTION AGENCY – ITS ANOTHER SCAM! - MODERN DAY RACATERING.TAPA IS A SCAM – READ THIS FIRST - DONT BE A FOOLED! - SCAM – EXPOSED.!DONT BE FOOLED BY THERE CLEVER SMOKE SCREEN WEBSITE. THEY HAVE CREATED A GAP IN THE MARKET FOR PROTECTION – THIS IS MODERN DAY RACATERING...... THINK ABOUT IT!They claim to be linked to the Authorities, BUT THEY ARE NOT, there web site is a smoke screen which claims they are the official authority in regulating  advertising. FIRST LIE! THEY ARE NOT OFFICIAL, THEY ARE NOT AN .ORG Company who work for free, they make money. THEY ARE NOT ANY OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY – DONT BE FOOLED BY THEM! THIS IS AN EXTREMLY DEVIOUS AND CLEVER SCAM.TAPA ARE LINKED WITH OTHER SCAM ADVERTISEING COMPANY’S WHO WILL CALL AND HASTLE YOU TO TAKE ADVERTISING SPACE, THEY WILL THEN THREATEN LEGAL ACTION. This is when you get a random call out of thin air from the advertising protection agency, claiming they can stop the calls and legal letters. Once you are reeled in by there scam, they simply tell there own Advertising company’s to stop calling you, AND YOU ARE STUCK PAYING A MONTHLY FEE TO THEM. - DONT BE FOOLED! THIS IS A VERY CLEVER SCAM!
JUST SAY NO TO SALES CALLS – ITS SIMPLE! IF YOU DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING THEN DONT PAY IT, PUT IT IN WRITING TO THE PEOPLE WHO ARE HASTLEING YOU AND COPY IT TO TRADING STANDARDS. ITS THAT SIMPLE AND ITS FREE.TAPA will ask for you card details, and bank details, to pay for something you can do yourself for nothing. THEY HAVE CREATED A GAP IN THE MARKET FOR PROTECTION – THIS IS MODERN DAY RACATERING...... THINK ABOUT IT!They dupe you to thinking they are data protected, But there not data protected. YOUR DETAILS ARE NOT SAFE WITH THEM.DONT BELIEVE ME, CHECK IT YOURSELF, THERE IS NO LISTED DATA CONTROLLER ANYWHERE ON THE SITE, ITS JUST A SMOKE SCREEN TO GIVE YOU A FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY, BE WARNED! are not a registered company, they just hide behind name that you cannot trace on companies house, or HM revenue and customs. They do not exist , THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY, THEY ARE TRICKING PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING TARGET BY SALES COMPANIES SOME OF WHICH THEY HAVE LINKS TO.  THEY ARE PREYING ON VUNRABILITIES THAT THEY CREATE!They call you from a withheld number, contradicting there OWN guidelines, to others advertising firms.CHECK IT YOURSELF office is a postal address in London, they are based in Manchester, where alot of scam publishing firms are born. DONT BE FOOLD BY THEM!DONT BELIEVE ME, CHECK IT YOURSELF
They have links with scam publishing companies and advise you to pay the companies they have financial links with. DONT BE FOOLED BY THEM.Originally the web address is owned by a sham accountancy company with links to a huge number of scam advertising agency’s, whois domain lookup USED TO GIVEPETER MARSDONMARSDEN GIBSON & Co Accountants, 102 Stand Lane,M26 1JU, This address is based above Grums cafe, CHECK IT YOUR SELF, on google maps, call grums cafe (0161 724 9021) and CHECK IT YOURSELF.TYPE: 102 STAND LN, M26 1JU INTO Domain tool that was used to uncover the above address has sinced been changed it has now been changed and it now claims that the web address is owned by Easyspace Ltd.DONT BELIEVE ME, CHECK IT YOURSELF BUT EASYSPACE LTD COMPANY DOES NOT EXIST IN COMPANY’S HOUSE, (at the date of this post)DONT BELIEVE ME CHECK IT YOURSELF ON COMPANIES HOUSE (11/01/2011, THEY DID NOT EXIST) UNDER WEB CHECK, THEY DONT EXIST. ALTHOUGH THIS MIGHT CHANGE AFTER I EXPOSE THEM AS CONN MEN IN THIS POST, MMMM I WONDER WHY.THEY CURRENT ADDRESS THEY USE IS ALSO A SHAM AS STATED THEY SAY THEY OPERATE IN LONDON BUT THEY DON’T ITS MANCHESTER , BUT GUESS WHAT THE ADDRESS THEY CLAIM TO WORK OUT OF IS A VIRTUAL OFFICE, AND AGAIN BASED ABOVE ANOTHER CAFE, HOW STRANGE, IS THIS A PATTERN. DONT BELIEVE ME, CHECK IT YOURSELFType: 27 Old Gloucester Street,London,WC1N 3AX INTO,  this is a postal address, as the company is actually based Manchester. Then check the adress on google street view.This is modern day racketeering, they do not exist, if you have paid them, get your money back, the only way to stop these idiots is to say no on the phone to advertising agencies, its easy, you don’t have to pay some con men who will only tell the companies they own to stop calling you.If you have paid TAPA and are concerned, help my investigation further by posting your experiences.Please feel free to check all the above information for yourself they are another scam, Trust me and don’t be fooled by there very elaborate scam.
received calls stop calling
Harrassed frm someone named Ted Miller..calling my wrk..insisting I owe him money!! B.S!! Company is a fraud!
I have been receiving weird sms's from this number too "Costs are now being deducted from your call account" ... .what is this ?? Is it a scam ??
I keep getting phone calls from that number but i have yet to answer. Pleasee anyone, is this likee a telemarketer or what ??
it is Carolina First
They calls everyday never leave a message. very annoying and I am on do not call list!
Known "Nigerian Prince" 419 scammer.  For a sample of a letter he's sending, see website below:
Just got the call and a quick hang up. Tried to call back ph co said no could not be dialed. Indicates to me no country code. Who knows.
Same... this number called but when I try to call it back it is always busy
По поводу заказа продукта Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  из компании Крона КС.
Call from this number silent---no speaking at 9.20pm even though have TPS on phone!
They call me as well...didnt pick up the phone...
A guy just called from this number asking to speak to my boss, requesting her by her first name, not using her proper suffix and acting like he's called a million times before. I didn't recognize his name and insisted he give me his last name, 'Ray Harrell' he said.  I told him my boss was out of her office and he said he would just call back. She has no knowledge of who this guy is. I called the number back and his voice came on with an announcement that this was 'not a working number.' Creepy.
it is oxendales - very rude
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