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Called me like 3 times today, was some woman. I didn't respond, probably some sales person.
I got a call from this number 3 days in a row at 3:24pm, 3:40pm, and 3:50pm.  They keep hanging up when I answer or when it goes to voicemail.  I have no idea who it is.I am selling my car on and on and have my number listed there. Maybe that's where they're getting my number from.
Ya also got called 3 times have my car on, is just spam
I got a call from somebody claiming to be from a collection agency threatening the same thing, foreign accent, from the 052 number giving a 425 area code phone number for call back which nobody answers.  He said it was from Cash Net and that I should get my attorney because I would be served at work along with my boss and he had the names of two of my family members.  He also mentioned the Sheriff's Department.  This is a total scam, do not be fooled!
they also use 07814717300 beware  they are a nuisance and will not remove your details.
i also had a missed call from this number  ???? but no message left just noise
tried to call back. auto-transfers to 504-233-0774.
Just got a voice phone didn't even ring. They did not say anything. It was form Bismark, ND
I just had a death in the family and this number called while I was on the other line and they left a blank message.Why the hell can't these machines be stopped by our government?We have a do not call list,but this must just keep the investigators from collecting our complaints by phone.
This information is courtesy of, one of their list members played detective and took some pretty good notes .......The general script:-random phone call to cell phone or home phone. Robovoice in Spanish asks you to press 1 because you won a prize -- a multi-stop vacation package including Orlando and Disney, Las Vegas, Miami, for two people, all expenses etc -- plus TWO GOLD WATCHES!Eventually, you get transfered to some person. In my case, I got transfered to an Argentine lady named "Ingrid Ruiz", who asked me for name, age, address, etc, and told me that this was a "completely free" vacation, and just needed to validate that i had a valid credit card (just first four digits, please!) to be eligible.After a full schpiel on how wonderful this was, a discussion of the $350 required to collect this prize, and a request for my credit card numbers, followed. There is a real-time validation of the credit card numbers (I gave them a valid Master Card prefix but definitely not a valid card number) and a multi-step validation process.The scammers are very good about giving their address and website address and phone number -- presumably to provide a veneer of ligitimacy to the scam.The information I got:Company: Mar Azul ViajesContact: Ingrid Ruiz (Ext 1011)825 Brickell Bay Drive, Suite 1244Miami, FL 33155(305) 372-5613The registrar of this website is a Norberto Spessot, based in Buenos Aires Argentina (Solis 10005, Buenos Aires, 1115 Argentina). The owner also has another website called with the same scam.Beware of these people -- they are aggressive and vicious. After I got done with the credit card validating lady who, after trying four times to run the fake number I gave her through was suggesting "I'd lose the opportunity" and I called her on the fraudulent nature of this activity and hung up, Ingrid whatsherface called me back to try to berate me for the accusation of fraudulent activity.
received phone call from this number at 10:33am CST, January 13, 2011. Did not answer.
Just called me too. The recording was in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish. GO AWAY.
ring and nobody talk, don't left msj but keep calling me
wurde auch in zusammenhang mit der agentur für arbeit von dieser nummer angerufen
Answered a call from a male who said he was glad to have reached me and needed to verify my date of birth.  I refused and asked him what he wanted.  He would not tell me why he was calling other than to say that by federal law he could not give me any information and that I needed to give him my date of birth.  I then hung up on him.
I don't want calls from this company.  My  number is 317-602-9101
Text message from this number "Getting harassed by Debt Collectors" ... etc....
Brothers Maintenance & Cleaning - Handyman12 East Ogden Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 891017028089672Brothers Maintenance & Cleaning is offering maintenance and drywall in Las Vegas, NV.handyman maintenance janitorial drywall Janitorial Service
Brothers Maintenance & Cleaning - Handyman12 East Ogden Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 891017028089672 Maintenance & Cleaning is offering maintenance and drywall in Las Vegas, NV.handyman maintenance janitorial drywall Janitorial Service
Called this number back and it is Akron Beacon Journal. They wanted to sign me up for a promotional deal to get their paper on the weekends.
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