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For the past month I've been receiving the same annoying calls on a weekly basis. However, from a Austin Jones with a very thick Indian accent. They had my name and SS#. This is most troubling... seem the only thing they did not have is my address. I'll be reporting them after this posting to see how we can stop and capture these Con Artist.
ARC debt collection, scumbags ring and ask foryou like their a friend. Don'teven owe them anything!!!
I receive calls from this number 3-4 times a week. I Googled the number and the caller I.D. information on it and all the links go to scammers. Don't these fist f***s have anything better to do with their time or did they get walked on all their lives for being nerds/misfits/deviants to the extent that they feel obligated to harass people they don't even know. I actually hope they keep calling. It'll keep me entertained.
caller called for the first time today.
I dont even own a Honda, why do they keep calling me? And its always before 5 PM.I try calling them back and it goes to a voicemail. I want to speak to a live person, not leave a message.
Says they are an investigations company.  Asked for my credit card number.
They said they they were from Investigations and left "my" ssn # on my voicemail. Very thick accent, poor english skills.
got a call from this number stating i was a reference on someone else's account. a guy with a think accent left a message that if i did not return the call, federal charges would be filed against me. I did return the call, read the guy the riot act and he told me the person whose account this is regarding was under federal investigation and their SSN was in danger of being blocked. When i asked for the name of the company, he refused to supply info and hung up on me.
Didn't answer the phone due to being in a car in a state where you can't hold a cell phone up to your ear and drive at the same time. Also lacked places to pull over to answer, but they didn't leave a voicemail or anything. Called me a SECOND time when I didn't pick up the first time.
They just called my cell phone too, but like so many of you that have already been harrassed by this caller, I never answer the phone if it's a number I don't recognize. No message - thanks for confirming my suspicions on this number all.
мне кажется, что это новый развод.единственное не могу понять в чем он заключается. да и откуда взял мой номер этот станный абонент с мылом
Some sort of business development thing, asking if we're going to move.No. No, we're not.  We will never move.  SO STOP CALLING.
Spoof callers trying to scare u to pay for some alleged criminal precidings and its bs! I talk to local police and they said and I quote "if u had a warrant or were under any type of investigation, you definitely would not be receiving a courtesy call of whatever the act is, we would be knocking on your door/ serving you a warrant" tell them u would like to stay out of jail and all that s**t, get their information and contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. They really despise anyone impersonating law enforcement. I had this happen and was freaked out about it a few months back, they really need to be taken down. Who knows how many people they freaked out into paying. And its probably all going to some drug/terrorist s**t!
I keep receiving faxes from this company as well!!!  Did anyone find out where they are located and a good contact number for them?
I recieved a call from 2012213841.  It's an indian guy that asks for you by name and says someone wants to talk to you and to hold on.  They pass the phone to another indian guy how verifies the last 4 of your SSN and states an affadavit was put on his desk.  It's another number scam artists use local to you stating their client "Cash Advance" which you've never used has filed a criminal case against you and inquiring if you have an attorney.
Jedná se o společnost Český inkasní kapitál, a.s., nebo-li Český inkasní servis, spol. s r.o.
This morning I received a call from 701 920-9106; the caller ID displayed "REQUESTED SERVI" [sic].They left an automated message on my machine saying something about interest rates.  I deleted the message and have programmed my phone to block that ID in the future.I, too, am on the Do Not Call List.I most certainly did NOT request their "servi."...parasites.
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