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I get a call daily from this number. Please have it stopped. Thank you
I get a call daily from this number, please stop it.
That my number, robert farrell. I put in the data base, as I thought ya'll would call me back an inform me who the POA Georgia number
here is the company that is sending out the spam faxes: International Telcom ltd. 417 Second Avenue West Seattle, Washington USA 98119 Phone Local: 1.206.312.1598 Toll Free:1.866.312.1598 Fax: 1.206.479.0009. Email us at
Have been receiving 2 to 3 calls per day everyday for the last 3 weeks from this number. When I say hello there is no answer from them just hear tv or something in the background. they finally just hang up. this is irritating. they even call on Sunday, the day of rest.
Its the state of missouri main line and shows up for various departments including department of revenue, state highways etc. usually leaves a call back number to the specific department as this is a non reachable line
Constant harrassing alls from this company2-3 times daily. Calling during day and late evening
POA Georgia calls me everyday. I donated a small amount last year. NOW, they will not stop calling. They call 1-2 times daily (after I have told them to quit calling & to take me off of their call list). Isn't there a law to protect you if you have TOLD them to take you off of the list?
Get this several times a week. Ask for my wife and refuse to leave a message. Can't seem to stop them so I am just going to block them
received call from this number even though my number is on the do not call list. was an automated caller. don't know what they were selling because i hung up quickly
Special Agent with DEA Bill Taylor says confiscated package with spouses name on it-ironic because spouse died over two years ago. Gave a return phone number of 410-888-8870 Called 410-888-7780 and "Joe Cambell" "special agent" answered the phone would not give address or official name of organizaton and when I kept asking for his address he said "awe forget it mam." I did not give my name and I blocked my phone number.
Got a call from this number. They asked for me by my married name. When I said I didn't go by this name anymore, they hung up.
won't say anything when I answer, calls 9 times a day
disconnected this number without answering - however I fell into the trap that week and was told notto hang up - it was a free something - disconnected as soon as I realised it was a recording
I recieved a message, which I saved on my voice mail saying that they were officer Charlie Mason, and I had to pay 5000.00, and they were coming to my house or job to take me in downtown. How do I get this person not to call me again from this number , or any????
these b***hes call my job today saying that he is office steve ,and i got aloan with them and they gave me 300 hundred dollars and i need to pay back 500 dollars and they are going to send apolice to arrest me and the attorney general is listenind to me so i must be careful what i say and i commit internet fraud  and i need to pay the money today else i would have to pay 1000 dollars  how they gonna seize my ssn and the fools dont even know how to speak english, if they call u tell them to kiss ur black or white aaaaaassssss
Yep, a number from Spain; very dubious... I've been called several times now, but everytime I missed the call so far.
it's a AT&T Family Map: Security Message-You can be located by the following numbers. What it means someone on your plan has activated it to track down the device that has been stolen. It can also be used to track exactly where someone is. My hubby put it on our plan to track down our daughters phone that she lost, and if we don't find it soon, we are gonna get AT&T to fry her phone so that if someone stole it, it will quit working on them. Because they can track down the serial number on the phone.
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