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Dont hang up leave the phone live and have a cup of tea if they are still there paint the hall if they are still there book a holiday ;;;their phone bill will soon be too high to call anyone else lol
I am a Financial Services registered mortgage broker. This company broke the law by cold calling me to sell me a mortgage. There is no way I would have asked them to call me as I am a mortrgage Broker by profession.  If you get a call from these people then report them to the FSA as soon as possible.
my 12yr old daughter gets calls from this number every day on her mobile...this company needs shuting down for stooping so low as to cold call kids there should be laws to stop this
rings all the time for months now BT are of no use at all TPS are the same help to put a stop to this number 01226291600 calling  24 7 please
stupid thing i got a call from this number today n it went off then i cant call it back !!!!!!!!!!!!! ANNOYING
Received a call from this number, asked for me by name & said they were from the Mortgage Review Service. Told them I have already told them not to call my number - very rude man replied "you haven't told me" & asked for the name of the advisor I had said this to. Told him I didn't remember, but my number is TPS registered & ex-directory & they shouldn't be calling. He had the cheek to start telling me this didn't matter. Told him in no uncertain terms that it DID matter as they are cold-calling, I don't know or care who they are & they are to remove my number from their records & not call again. He was trying to talk over me the whole time to justify the call. I hung up without giving him the opportunity to reply.What is the point of TPS if firms think they it doesn't apply to them & carry on cold-calling?
Got a call from this number today. They played a recording of someone laughing loudly down the phone, and then you guessed it, they hung up! really annoying. I think they must have a premium rate number so they are relying on people ringing back to make money. does anyone have any ideas who i might report them to?
had missed call last 2 days from this number....any ideas
got a silent call from this number sooooo annoying
got a call from this number last night. Caller asked to speak to a relative of mine, surname is different from mine, and hung up when I said they had the wrong number. My worry is how did they get my number and why did they expect it to be answered by my relative?01226 is Barnsley dial code.
I received call today, the caller Ben, says he is from the Mortgage Review.
Called me today on a company phone. Missed the name the guy said of company but it was a mortgage broker.
Same here. There was someone at the other end of the line but they hung up!
Also missed call today, any ideas?
Missed call from this number and unable to call it back?
unknown caller
We paid £3295 for a 3 Year pack 2 months ago. So far we've had a week in the cotswolds in a 6 berth motorhome, 2 weeks in Portugal and have booked for feb next year to go skiing in Austria for a week. John and I found the resorts excellent, the boys enjoyed the pools and activities, and we all feel it's been good value for money so far. I'm trying to read between the lines with some of the comments people have left on here, and can only conclude from what i've read, that the people complaining haven't actually joined the club. So far they have made a good impression on us. Oh and by the way we checked them out too. I had my firm check with Trading Standards and it seems their contracts are squeeky clean.So far we have recommended some of our friends to go along to their presentation in Heckmondwike. We found it informative, not too long, and the lady who interviewed us was very polite. I'm not suggesting you join, that depends wether you see it as value for money, but give yourselves a chance. If you can't afford it just say no.
This is a scam.  I went to a meeting at Heckmondwike a fortnight ago and they're selling three years membership of a club which gives you discounted accommodation in hotels all over the world and discounted use of motorhomes.  The price is £4000 although it gets cheaper when you say decline.  I was tempted to buy but chose not to until I'd researched it.  I've phoned some of the hotels on offer and none have heard of this company.  When I dug deeper it shows these guys have a trail of destruction behind them including similar companies such as ADP Leisure, Premier Vacations, Lifestyle Vacations and Just the Ticket Worldwide.  If you search these names on the internet you'll see loads of horror stories and it's the same people behind them all so PLEASE AVOID THEM.
I have had this phone call just now.  I live in West Yorkshire.  I am one of 2 people each month who gets picked.  I have won a free holiday in UK or Europe.  I only had to tell them my postcode.  I spoke to a young girl who seemed nervous.  I will be getting a letter in the next few days to confirm my win.When I asked why I'd won this - it was explained to me that they were a new company and they were trying to promote themselves - presumably by word of mouth!!!I have done some searching on this company name - she gave me the web page address of worldwide/ - which I cannot find anywhere!!!  All I come across is Timeshare blacklists and also a bankruptcy order for an MD of a company with the same name - but from Essex!!!This number appears to be from Blackpool - that's what 01253 code is I think.This has to be a fraud!!!!!  If it seems too good to be true - it usually is!!!

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