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Reverse Phone Check:

This company persists in calling and activating my answerphone but leaves no message, during working day only. I would just like them to stop.
I would like this company to cease cold calling me.
just called for my dad and said theyd been told to call us back, not true at allthing is my dad works away so ive when he asked for a more apropriate time i said at least 6 weeks lol
I also recieved a call at 9pm with a message saying "This is from MAS, you need do nothing further"  I suspected something untoward and rang the number from a call box just in case and the only message was " There are no attendants available, ring back later ".
I received a call from this number they stated they were calling from my bank and named my bank , to see if they could find me a better morgage offer, they really made me believe it was my bank that had phoned until they started asking me other personal information they should have known already , I pointed this out, but I am very concerned how they have found out who I bank with and what other information they have.
god these calls are so annyoijng phoning for some reason or the other and they even know my surname and my parents name soo annoyin most of the time they are just trying to find information silly fraud number sooooo annoying stupid spams
this one is is defo goverment agency kind of like mi5 but the one that dont make mistakes oooops sorry x
MAS - ? Mortgage Advice Services? - "Spammers" Automated calls trying to find (and flag) a "live" telephone number.  They must randomly compute numbers - as we are ex-directory!!!
Just as argos home insurance started to try and rip me off these guys these guys rang and gave me as a great home insurance quote which saved me £3 a month with twice as much cover! plus squashed the cancellation fee with argos which i happely told to do one! result!
Number calls me same time nearly every day..becoming a real nuisance...I answer they hang up..
always rings at snap time, bloody nuisance, never answered it yet, i just look at the caller display and when it comes up with crap numbers, i leave it to go to ansafone, therefore costing them money dont know how they get through because i have got caller regect for junk calls.
I want these calls to stop they are becoming a real nusiance
Just had a call from these, just said I wasn't interested and goodbye and the "lady" on the other end laid in to me. Told me just because I'd had other calls today (I hadn't) that I shouldn't be rude and that she'd been told to call back. To be fair, for a change I was pretty polite because usually I don't have patience. When I repeated thanks but no thanks she tried to ask if there was someone else who made the decisions...cheeky cow!!!
I was called by this number and a guy on the end said 'Call from MAS, no further action necessary!'
i just got one too answered it and got the same message you have been called by MAS no further action necessary!
Looks like it's, google them there's a ton of complaints about them lying and the number of calls they make from their automatic dialler software.Here's a prime example of the complains: this helps,Dan.
Each time I answer the telephone the person on the other end puts the receiver down.
My caller ID showed this number.
was noch besser st die wollten wmir die rechtsabteiung geben da kam ne alte 0290 nummer hoffe nur dasich bla von den gelöscht werde weil es nicht zieht und jap daten schutz ist fürn arsch

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