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Reverse Phone Check:

keeps calling everyday without fail answered phone today and it was for life insurance compony called premium genie
im sick of this number its constant every day i have no idea who it is as there is never anyone on the other end
I've been getting these evil clowns for weeks now and I'm ANGRY!!!!!!!!
Keep calling for my sister who's never heard of them
Keeps Calling Nobody answers
keep getting call from this number and 01612460200 sometimes I say hello no answer. I hang up
As I work in a school I've had the last 4 weeks off and have been at home alot of the time , I've lost count of the amount of times my phone has rung and either no one is there when I answer or its the same person telling me that I had filled in a survey a while back about life insurance . I just hang up . I'm getting really fed up with this what can be done about it ??
I've also had constant phone calls from these idiots on a variety of numbers, it really is annoying and you'd think they would get the hint seeing as I hang up on them every time they call!
I got a call from the 0141 number today and answered - said they were calling to offer the loan i had enquired about.  nonsense of course.  but the weird thing is they knew my surname - and asked for my mother's maiden name - weird.
had a call from 01414043786 today asking for some other person then asked if it was my number & asked if they could speak to me so i said no then they hung up
im bein tortured by this number + ive told them not 2 fone me but they keep doin it
Got a call from yesterday and this morning from 01414043786 nobody there when answered dialled back and was just a dead tone.No idea who they are any ideas?
Have been getting calls from this number for several weeks now. No one ever answers.Telephoned this number today. As expected no one answered the phone. Very annoying.
hi  in response to me not answering there call ive tryed calling this no 4 times no answer
I'm always curious about missed calls, especially if they keep callling.  On doing a search, this number and 01612416819 both reveal themselves as belonging to Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd.  I'm glad they call when I'm out, hopefully they'll get fed up and go away!
Got a call from this number today they could not tell me where they got my number from and were trying to help me clear my debt. I just told them I did not have any debt. They soon gave up.
I have received numerous calls from this number but have not taken a single call.  This has happened for the last 5 weeks or so and they call at least 3 times a week.  Can whoever has more info on this number please share?
it's the debt advice line
Got the same call today........In addition to the one from 01792763490 and 01612416819 I don't even bother ansewring these calls as they have beeen trying for weeks just save them as Don't answer 1 ;2;3 etc They will give up eventuallyCheers

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