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Reverse Phone Check:

I get frequent calls from these people but it's a spare phone that's kept in a drawer so I never hear it ring!  Still annoying though - maybe I'll answer one day and waste their time with fictional information!!
These cnuts continue to harass me, need to block them.
Asked to speak to me by name.Had several calls from 01792 numbers. This is the latest one 01792 763480. Also 01792 763 490Asking about PPI. Told them to remove me from the database. They hung up
Getting two or three calls a day from this pest - thanks for the warning folks. I'm on Orange contract too and again ticked the privacy box; now weknow whose been passing on our details!
This number rang me on Fri - I missed the call, but today they rang and asked 'is this (my name)?' I said yes and they hung up... Im with Orange too....
Got a call from this number today, aware that it was an unsolicited call because they used a Christian Names that I never used they were told that the phone line was registered with TPS (telephone protection service - 0845-070-0707) they were rude and hung up.Received similar calls two weeks ago whilst in France (thus costing me money) from Capitol Finance (number withheld!), UK Advice Centre (01702-226536) and Money Claiming Expert (01792-2763490) which, because I always tick the box for no contact when signing for anything and thus should prevent such calls, I had to ring TPS to register the phone line at the advise of my phone provider
I have been getting a call or two from this number for the past three weeks almost every week day. I just ignored it at first as I thought if it is important they will leave a message and I will ring back. As it has been going on for over two weeks ow though I thought I'd look to see if anyone knew the number. After reading the above I am glad I ignored the calls and will continue to do so.
Exactly the same and wanting to know what credit cards i have and that they can get the PPI paid back to me from them.  He was extremely rude when i told him i wouldnt pass any personal details onto him over the phone.Who are they ???
Keep getting calls from these people on my mobile (I am also on Orange contract). If I don't answer they don't leave a message, if they do answer, and I say I'm not interested, they try and convince me to stay on the line. Woman today came out with "But don't you want to find out if we can get you thousands of pounds back? People miss out you know, and other callers have been returned thousands of pounds..." Just log here to stop calls from this pest,  he cheeky and pushy. I don't answer now. link is Free to block, fouind it via orange website, Gov run takes 28 days though.
I'm getting around 3-4 calls a day from this number. w4nk3rs
how do you block these from your phone?I am using a basic Nokia as a works phoneThese calls have become annoying. P.S. I am on Orange too.. and tick the privacy boxes. I shall be having words the next time they want me to renew my contract!
I was getting calls from 01792763490 before and now this one. Very annoying. Just keep ignoring them.
Got a call from these people, completely asked for the wrong name, always suspicious when that happens.
I had a call from this number did not answer but looking up Lifestyle Claims it would appear they are part of the Orange group and I am with Orange, although I have never ticked any boxes to let them share my details!
Seems like another phone scam, my voice mail now states "If you are a claim company F*** off" Hopefully they`ll get the hint like the other scammers that have phoned me.
I'm on an orange contract and these people have been calling me for weeks with several different numbers. I've never answered and block each new one number after googling it but I can see from my recieved calls that they're still trying. Must be automated. I tried calling back, hiding my phone number, and they wouldn't pick up. losersThis is their website if anyone wants to start harrasing them.
asked for my deceased mother first and said that we could claim back credit charges or to that effect.said we were not interested,and he just laughed!every night  we get calls,loft insulation is a popular one too.we have call preference. makes no difference.
A company called Lifestyle Claims, ringing about claiming compensation.  Very rude, kept on hanging up on me!
Just got a call from these guys. Didn't recognise the number, so automatically rejected it. If it's someone who needs to speak to me, they can leave a message.

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