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In the same boat! The only difference is I'm with Vodaphone and I have a business account. Premier seem to know all this, including the name of the business and what handset I currently have. I've had 4 missed calls in one day and on one of them then forgot to hang up so ended up leaving a message, in the background I could hear a guy, probably a telesalesman, arguing with somebody on the phone!
Had exactly the same thing, someone called me yesterday claiming to be from O2 and said someone would call me today about a free upgrade. Phone rings from 01952607595 and theres about 15 seconds of background room noise before they hang up. Clearly a scam thats going around.
just had call from them, claiming to be from o2, they could save me money and upgrade my handset. was asked what handset i currently have, then the line went dead. very suspicious!!
I had a call on the 11th from a witheld number from a woman claiming to be from O2 wanting to give me a free handstet.  She knew my address but was calling me Jonny which I found suspicious as O2 know me as Jonathan.  I missed a call from the 01952607595 this morning.  Glad I didn't ring back.
This is from premier marketing services Don't answer them
There's something peculiar going on!  I suppose like a lot of people, I have 'missed calls' from time to time.  Over the last three or four weeks I've googled the numbers and recently, whatever the number (mobile or whatever) Google always comes up with 'UPS Tracking'.  That's very odd - I think.  Does anyone agree?(I had a call from 01952607595 a few minutes ago - and that's what lead to this post - and I'm a subscriber to the Telephone Preference Service too!)
Had lots of calls from this number to my mobile, at all hours of the day. The code is Telford, but I didn't recognise the number, so didn't pick up. Glad I read all the comments people have left on this page - I definately won't answer if they call. Thank you all for leaving your words of warning!
Premier Phones or something like that.  Will try and sell you a new phone contract. Salesman will say in an incredulous tone "What you don't want to save money on your phonebill.. [you idiot]?????" No.
Got a phone call Yesterday from someone claiming to be  from O2 who wanted to give us free handsets for our business (got new ones 3 months ago) but needed to know more about our contract and phone usage i hung up. Today got a call from 01952607595 from something???  communications offering me 1000 free mins and 1000 free texts for £25 pound per month. He seem to be laughing while telling me so it must be very funny this offer. I asked if they were from O2 and eventully he admitted they were nothing to do with O2 so i said i wasn't intrested then he got a bit abrupt so i hung up.
Telesales called 7th Dec 10 - Very rude person, very pushy selling something he was cagy about telling me about. Called several times now, sometimes hung up, and also office background noises on some of the calls. Avoid and block these very nasty and abrupt people.Disgusting - I don't want  telesales like this. Really pestering callsPremier something I think they are called.
missed call, rang back, static and cost me money.
according to google its UPS Tracking phone number its just rang me and yes same no answer, we do have a package 'in transit' from UPS though!
this number rings my mobile three times a day, rings till you pick up then put the phone down, do not ring back they charge you loads a minute, would love to know who it is they driving me mad!!! 01952 607595
Number on my mobile as a missed call I replied but nothing there so quickly hung up. Don't make the same mistake as me.
had a call from these today at ten to four, i missed it but by the looks of the comments won't be calling them back! 01952 is telford, right?
dont know this number and wont answer until/unless i know who is calling and why.
I've been called by this number a few times over the last 3 days.In addition I got called by this one too 01933447373 todayI recently run a number of Motorcycle insurance quotes and suspect one of the sites passed my number on.Im pretty sure it was "The Bike Insurer" who passed my number on as I recall that being the only one I used my "correct" mobile number - I usually chuck a random number in the mobile box.I guess it is a follow up call to take the quote.
They keep calling me and hang up immediately, pain in the proverbials...
I have had 3 texts from motorbike insurers and I have just had a call from this number and cut short before i answered!!!!
The number just rang.. Could hear someone talking in the background and then it just went dead! Sounds like a call centre from what I could hear..

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