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5.30pm today 30 December - Asian voice - said he understood that I was the main user of  the Computer.  Now I wonder how he got that information.  Went on to talk about an infection.  I hung up.
Just got a call as above, told him immediately that 'I do not accept unsolicited calls'; to his credit he apologised and hung up.I have just found evidence that my 87yr old Father-in Law has been scammed mercilessly over the last year, on one day alone he sent £200 and £300 to people in India via Moneygram. We have installed a Truecall machine and this has stopped the calls. I just need now to sort the scam mail promising untold fortunes for the low cost of £20 per letter and he has had 100 of these.Death to all scammers!!!!!
Called from this number and a woman said she was calling about a possible infected file on my computer and some system she could offer me. Ha Ha! I couldn't be bothered to play along. Scam.
Now tagetting South ManchesterDec 27th
Just called me, I'm in Northampton. The lady asked me "are you the phone owner", I said no. She then asked if I was a family member, I said "no". She then hung up.
I got a call from this number at 8.40pm last night. As I said hello they said goodbye in a mechanical voice then hung up! This is the second time that I've had the same call. What's the point?
I got a call from this number at 8.40pm last night. As I said hello they said goodbye in a mechanical voice then hung up! This is the second time that I've had the same call. What's the point?
Same problem as other people, this person was called Peter obviously not English  carried on  and on and on  about virus contaminaton  asked if I was online  ,( I was  -but said no,)   asked me to go on line -said I was too busy , said rather huffily it would only take 2 mins. My response... only open mail  from someone I know. He put the phone down!!!!  Call number two ..  put the phone down when I answered.
Forgot to say , targeting South Wales now.
Asian guy, very persistent and difficult to understand, said he wanted to scan my computer for viruses. I gave him a straight red card, with three fs two of which are in OFF.
Same thing at 3.22pm today 21 December. Caller said they were Shane from Manchester but had dodgy Asian accent.  Claimed he was trying to help fight malware by helpfully asking you to turn on your PC and allow him access! Vague threats that I might have been a heavy downloader or downloading illegal content or might have an infected PC. I couldn't figure out exactly what the scam was as I refused to start up my PC and they wouldn't tell me anything useful about their 'company'. Caller ID reported the call came from 02538 020308 but the original caller gave me the number 02030 263983. Quick GOOGLE search indicates it is likely some kind of scam. Apparently they are targetting the Devon area at the moment as I now a few others who have had identical calls in the last few days.
Just had a call from 02538020308 and when answered I got a silent line. Having read the above I'd love to have had a chat as I'm from an IT background! Would have been fun. I'm also in the Devon area.
20:15hrs 20th Dec 2010The Asian man continues to bore me with stories of my slow running Windows. He generously offerred to help me a couple of months ago. Today he stayed on the line long enough for me to blow my whistle down the telephone. Strangely he hung up.
An Asian man called me on this number.  I couldn't understand all he said but it was something about he had identified a virus on my computer.   I said, "I don't use a computer".  He hung up!!
Got 2 calls from this number, answered it the second time. It was some dodgy asian woman asking me if I used a computer, I told her to stop talking and to never call me again. She told me she would!!!
yep got same call, just clicks off when I answered it.
Got this call at 18:43 on 16th dec 2010. No one on other end on pick up. Number not recognised when dialled back. No record of it on google or here. Any help anyone??
I received a call from this number and it was obviously a scam................ the woman who answered was obviously in an indian call centre and claimed to be from a microsoft company, she said my computer was showing errors which could be harmful to my computer... she was very pushy and when I queried how she had my number and asked why I should trust her she got very defensive about her "company". Eventually I hung up because there seemed no point in stringing it out. I have since googled the subject and it seems to be a scam which has been going about for over a year.If this happens to you HANG UP and don't give any remote access to your pc or personal details etc.MICROSOFT WILL NEVER COLD CALL ANYONE ABOUT THEIR PC
They are very persistent. I also have TPS, but it makes no difference. I was asked if my SKY box was working OK. I don't have SKY.
just got a call from 02533639006 possibly someone from India said it was there job to sort my computer out has they said my pc had picked up a virus the lady said she was from support One TenI made the excuse someone is at the door they said they would ring back in 10 minutes And They Did !! I put the phone

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