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yep there good,  and as the same as everybody,, no body gives  nothing for nothing..rang back tonie on0261003462   told them to check this site for them selves, not very happy,lets see what .the come up with next...old ho
Yep. all same details here too. survey, Raffle, 2nd prize.baidayahoo,fax the same. Except Leisel or Lizelle told me that she was in canberra herself. She also claimed that she was with the Vita Group company to begin with. I asked her to spell it. It wasn;t until the email process that she changed vita to baida. a slip of the tongue?? Whats the best action to take from here? Who knows what they intend to do with the info they are collecting.  I sent the claim form back as I didn;t have time to research until today. Thanks for this site and the easy to find heads up folks.
I got a call from Jody Baida group same thing I won second prize $60,000Aus  call back number 0861025313 I got invited to a party in Perth but live 450kms away also won an MP4 player .the consumer bureau have not heard of this scam  I am sending emails to them.
Same thing happened to me as well.   Lucky for me I saw this website before sending any money.  Please can you report this scam to Consumer affairs in your state.   It is the best way we have to stopping these scams and maybe catching them at it.
same thing phone call raffle prize how could they give that sort of money away
I got the same call..same story..same stuff!! ITS A SCAM!! don't give out your details!!
i got the same call from liezl about i won 450000 honkong dollars she send me winner form but when i call to this number there was nio reply and any answer
GOT A CALL FROM MONIKA AND SARAH WE WON $450.000 HONG KONG approx $60,000 Aus from the Baida Group ITS a SCAM Emailed stamped fake cheque from Hong Seng Bank Then asked for $3,600 Aus to be paid to access winings. LUCKY we didn't pay. DON"T GET CAUGHT
THEY ARE SO BELIEVABLE IT IS EASY TO BE SUCKED IN. Especially since one of my family worked for the REAL company (spelt BAIADA ) that has taken over Steggles Poultery Processing Plant
Was luckily visiting my elderley parents when they got a call from this number - same story, same phillipino at the other end of the phone (now called Jackie).  $45000 HKG etc, requests for e-mail for claim form + further requests for mobile number etc....  Pulled phone from 70yo mothers hand and hung up before details were given.  Will take the next call and play the 'where you from' game suggested by Jibs - let the hilarity begin...
I got the same call from a Filipino lady by the name of "Liesel" who mentioned that she was from the Baida Group and that I had won a free MP4 Player after answering 3 survey questions. They asked for my contact details, which I provided, and informed me that they would be sending a Gift Claim voucher via email. The next day, the same lady called again and said that as a thank you for taking part in the survey, I was invited for a raffle draw and that my name would be entered into said raffle even if I wasn't able to attend. Yesterday evening, I received a call from the same lady who informed me that I had won a prize in the raffle but as it was ongoing, she would call me again this morning to inform me on what I had won.Now, up to this point I was amused, but this set off warning bells in my head. Sure enough, she called me back this morning and told me that I had won HK$450,000 which was their 2nd prize. This kinda confirmed my suspicion that it was a scam and I began searching online for anything related to it. This is how I came across this page among others.I then called "Liesel" back at (02) 6100 3462 and told her that I needed a few answers before I could proceed with anything further. I asked her about why the company was using a Yahoo account for its emails instead of a official company email account and her answer was that it was the coordinator's account and that he had set it up. Sounded like BS to me, but I persisted.I then asked her since the company was based in Hong Kong and that the prize money was to be distributed from a bank there, what was the name of the bank. She sounded noticeably distressed on the phone and he voice kept going higher and higher and she said that she didn't know which bank was in charge of the distribution. Thats a whole lot of BS in my opinion. If you're handing out prizes that involve cash, you would definitely know which bank was in charge of cash prize distribution.After that, I pretty much lost it and told her I didn't believe her and that it was a scam and I then told her to pretty much f*** off. She got angry and said that she wouldn't stand for such language and she was hanging up. Typical.Note: IF you are still unconvinced that this is a scam, please Google "Baida Group Scam". You will find further evidence there. Thank You
Same with me.I've got call from 02-61003462 biadagroup, asian lady named Monica. She said I won 450000 hongkong dollars (60000$aus) and somebody called Sarah sent me an email with winner claim form and a number to call back on 0261003462 Note that I asked their nationality and she told me that she is Malaysian living in HK, however I asked her if she can speak Malay and told me "NO" because she is living in HK. I suspect that the diction and intonation of their english speaking is closed to Filipino accent. So, I asked her if she is a Filipina and she got angry and asked me not to connect with one nationality. Then she hang-up!!!
i got a call from baidagroup and the asian lady said i won 450000 hongkong dollars (60000$aus) and she sent me an email with winner claim form and a number to call back on 0261003462 . after 15 mins she called me back again and gave a fax no. 001185230079129 to fax that form but i checked that number on whocallsme and lucky me it was a scam . thanks
I have had this number call me and said her name is Nelly saying I won a prize if this is a total scam then it should ber reported to the fraud squad.
Yes - I am another lucky second prize winner. 450,000 Hong Kong dollars sounds pretty good at first. The Xing Zuan Group are paying out a lot of second prizes. Wonder how many people won an Audi car??????
Had the same so cranky that these people can get away with harrassing you like that...doesn't even matter if you hang up on them...they still phone you back. Will keep hanging up.
Hey guys,Looks like a National scam I also won the second prize I reckon we should all turn up and demand it but it is sad that Some people would fall for it. I for one wanted to see how far they would go after submitting the winner claim form but have now grown tired of their bull....,have reported it to 1.  Victorian Police Fraud Squad.A.c.c.c.And A.s.i.c.and funnily enough when I contacted all of them yesterday,not one of them had any info whatsoever on Xingzaun.
These people will not stop calling me from the Xing Zuan Group, telling me that i had won a the latest ipod and then the 2nd prize of 450000 hong kong dollars in an electronic draw. they gave me an office number of 07 3103 3838 and her name was Milley. email of asking me to email them and fill in a winners claim form.Definately not doing this and they are ringing me everyday even though i am on the do not call register. not happy. these people are persistent.
I also received all of the above saying I'd won 2nd prise UK$450,000.  Im waiting for the bank to call?  I'm not sure how long I'll be waiting?????Agree its all a scam.  How do we find them???

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