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I cant remember if I gave my number on any site or not but that doesnt give anyone the right to help themselves to my number. That's so annoying. I have receieved at least 7 calls since wednesday and when I answer there is no response. I wish I knew who was responsible for this! anyone find out please let me kno!
i've got five calls from this number  the only wae to get rid of this calls is to just put them in your reject lists or rather to block the caller that wae they won't bother you
Didn't look at the number and answered it, started ringing out it's just cost me £15.00 the B******s if i find out who the are i WILL kick a**
This number has called me 7 times already today.  I was ignoring it, then I answered and was given an automated voice telling me "we appreciate your patience, please continue to hold."  I hung up, of course.  Why would I hold when they called me?  I've read that people get this call after going on, but while I did go there and browse loans, I never applied for anything nor gave anyone my number.  I have my number blocked through that service (name is escaping me now), and all my bills are paid up-to-date, so I don't know what this is.  However, I think the amount of times they call in one day is boardering on harrassment.
I've just received an extremly polite cold marketing call from this number. Judging by the callers accent and background noise, they are from a call centre that is based in India.I immediatly asked where they had obtained my number and the lady stated that it was from my mobile phone provider!!!??? I immediatedly requsted for them to delete my number from their database and not to contact me again!!!!!!
Rung and hung up when I answered.
They tried to call me this eve and they hung up b4 I answered, my guess is that they take credit for the time we are on the call with them somehow! Other than that they must have got my number from a database.......f###ing U.K governments fault, no rules that seem to protect us anymore. Nice place to live....NOT!!!! WHERES MY PASSPORT?
Missed a call from this number in work and tried to call it back but it is an 'incorrect number' or 'sorry this number has not been recognised" Probably some swine trying to sell something I thought
this number calls and dalss all the time and i don't know who it is can anyone help
I have received several calls from this number but the caller always hang up before i picking the call or responding to it.
Rung and hung up when I answered, tried to phone back to find out who it was but number is not being connected. Hopefully won't call back!!
just called me twice and didn't say anything when I answered - they then just hung up.  I tried calling the number back from a landline but the number is not of the correct format
Just done some further digging the dial code 02711 is registered in South Africa - some scam or other - will watch my phone bill because I answered and want to make sure no-one is stealing credit off my phone or by answering have I unlocked my phone for them to use? - will monitor this
this idiot has rang me about 5 times now, wheres this number even calling from?
called me three times today no answer when I pick up
Rang me and i didnt answer. hasnt rang back so im happy.
Called me before to offer free broadband which I don't want and told her so still keeps ringing
I have got all these numbers on my Selective Call baring list, all they get now is This caller is not accepting this call.
keeps to a point where i dont bother answering my phone!
I am being called by 0271 1200 1100. The caller says she is from Talk Talk and offered a direct debit and free weekends. She is persistent. I hang up on her every time, yet the calls continue.

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