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I just got a call from this number today  (about 12 noon, adelaide time) , so they are still operating. I didn't answer it, so I have no more info than that. I would normally have answered it, expecting it to be a call from my employers interstate office. but I'm on holiday so I ignored it (they woke me up from my lunchtime nap, too).
I just got a call from this number as well.02-8622-1664.I didn't answer as I don't answer most calls from unknown numbers. I figure if it's important they'll leave a message or call back.My theory is that this is an identity theft operation. Just a couple of weeks ago my father got a call as well. Same situation as someone else posted: claimed to be from Optus, had his name and number, but wanted his date of birth to 'confirm' who he was (even though *they* were calling *him*).Once you have someones name, number and date of birth plus asking them a few other seemingly innocuous questions, you are quickly building enough information which would 'confirm' you identity with, say, a financial institution. Possibly one that accepts phone banking transfers?This needs to be reported to the police. And it really should be on the news or something to warn people about something which is most likely a scam.
I get a call a few times a week from this number... it hangs up or is silent when I answer. I wonder what the purpose of calling without doing anything... it's very strange and kind of annoying.
Yes I just got another call but I didn't answer. It is so dodgy.
Same thing they've been ringing me for a couple of days now and never leave a message and when I ring back it says the #'s disconected very strange...and extremely annoying!!
Got a call from this number. They hung up immediantly, and there number is disconnected.
i got one 2.rang back and it was disconnected
Got a call from that number too at 2pm Adelaide time. When I tried ringing back, it says the phone has been disconnected. How weird!
I too got a couple of calls from this number (02)86221664 and agree it is most annoying. I have two calls from this number but have never answered it, tried to call back but got a message saying the number was disconnected so I added the number to my reject number list!
I just got a phonecall from the same number at 12.50pm. And when I answered all I heard was background noise and I got no reply. I tried ringing back and it said the number had been disconnected
some lady apparently calling from optus called from this # wanting to do a "service check" on my account with optus. she knew my name and number...but wanted my date of birth. i told her i didn't want to give any personal information to her, and then i hung up.there was a lot of background noise, sounded like it's a call centre...probably full of dodgy people.called back from my work phone, and got the "optus regrets that this # is disconnected" message. very very odd.never give out any personal information over the phone!
me too, happened yesterday and just a few mins ago today but when i call back, its disconnected. weird.
Me too, i tried to ring back but it said it was disconnected
How bizarre, just got a call from the same number, rang like 4 times and they hung up before I got to my mobile. They all seem to be recent, looking at the comments.
me too, today around 11:30am, I didn't answer cos it rang twice and they hanged up.number = 0286221664
i just received a call from this number 0286221664 at 12:49pm & like everyone has said, noone talks no replies but there is background noise almost sounds like a cafe or somewhere social.
No one spoke.
same to me last night at 2204.
Left a miss call on my mobile. Called back and went to a voice recorded machine, which read out the dialed number and then it hung up on me.
This is some kind of switchboard in India used to call Australian phones. I've received calls from various sources on this number, once even from relatives in India :P

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