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He said he was from claims compensator then hung up
this number has called me over 30 times and im getting sick of it they never speak and it is very off putting to have numbers calling u and u dont know who it is when i have answered it it has remaind silent for about 30 / 40 seconds then they hang up i have tryed to call it back but no one asnwers and it is always busy ..i call my phone provider and they said to enter it here as they cant trace the call ...i was recomended to file an offical complaint to bt  about it ..... may i just ask does everyone who has writen here get the calls on mobiles or landlines ...mine is a mobile ???
I was called by this number to my mobile, they hung up and busy when called back.  And yes, it's meant to be a Cardiff number?
This number keeps calling me and when I pick up there is no reply.
just had a call from this number, missed it, shant be calling back.
Half an hour called from this number, but the phone was downstairs. tries to call back, but it was busy. then I put this number in google and found this forum
Phones and hangs up
I just had the call from the same number. My service provider better not charge me as I aint payin it if its a scam kmt!!!!
who is the mystery caller and how do they get your number
Had a call from this number, answered it but noone there. Wondering if you get charged for answering the call as well as calling them back
Has called for the last week always at 10:14, rings three times then stops, cant ring it back as its always engaged!! So damned annoying!
Got a phone call of this number. Only rang three times. I am not going to ring the number as it probably is a number where they charge high price. Hope they are waiting for my call cause they are not going to be getting it lol
I have also been called by this number and whoever it was remained silent, i refuse to call it back incase its 1 of these stupid price per minute lines
I had a call from this number today, tried to call back but number was busy, no idea who this is
i just got a call from them too, no voice mail, and engaged when tried to call back,, either a spam call or a loser.. either way quit the s**t.
Juts got a call from this number!new to a virgin plan for apple iphone on 49 a month.didnt answer! but thanks everyone for the information!wish they didnt use our information for marketing purposes!
Just had a call from this number purporting to be from 'Three, the mobile network' and wanting to make sure I got the best deal I could on my phone.  Said I was happy and hung up.All polite and got ride of quickly.  But will they give up that easily???
I keep getting the same Number ringing daily - refuse to answer it because it is unknown.
My wife has received 2 unanswered call;s from this nu-advised her not to answer-where they got her nu from is beyond us-she is on a payg not contract
called but no answer

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