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Telile from something 'getaway' called me and ask me to send a blanc email to (which bounced back). She also advised that I had won this holiday voucher valid for 2 years. She advised that she will call back at 4pm today.
my brother was victim of this hooligans,i advised him to close down the account completely and open a new one,
Freak..! I got a call from this number as they we're singing the same song..why they nid my accnt numbers if I've won R10000 they must deduct on dat amount ..safa ngaba bantu
how to trace these people, they just took my money
I receive a call from  0310011000 saying I have won a voucher and they wanted my banking details.
Is this a scam ?
same problem
i just got a all from them too. i didnt pick up. im on vodacom though. how do these clowns get our numbers. freaks
Pretty much the same thing happened. I would be interested to know if this is targeted at a specific service provider, I'm with MTN.
Hi i also got a call from these people 2 minutes ago, i was on the other line. The caller had already told me that i have won a holiday voucher worth R 10 000.00, so i told her to contact me after 2 minutes as i was on the other line.I was so keen to find out from what company did the lady phone me from as i am waiting for her to call me back. I then Google'd the number just to see that this is a scam number.
i've got a call from the same number telling me that Ive won a holday voucher worth 10000. they wanted my banking details and told me I only qualify if i  earn more than 2000 an month. they want my banking details and they keep on callling even though i never answer
Got a miss call from this number and it looked very strange. i tried to call them but it is always engaged
Got a miss call from this number and it looked very strange. i tried to call them but it is always engaged
i got the call just now and they told me that i was rewarded a R10 000 voucher and needed my personal details and told them to call me bach at 4:30pm because i am at work, they told me that they cant call me back if i dont need the voucher i can transfer it to some1 else and i hung up.... i then called them back thinking that i could have missed a voucher and the number was busy. i am glad i decided to google it otherwise i could have gave them my details
These people called and they said I've on a holiday voucher ofR10000.00.The y took my banking details
I saw this number, didnt answer immediately cos the number looked strange. By the time I decided to take the call , the already hung up. Tried phoning them to find out who they are but the line is not going through. Who are these people
They also called me I didn't giv them my banking details.
geez same thing happened to me. saw a misscall and phoned back, the lady said shes from Astra Group and said she prefered if she made a call back to me and hungup. she hasnt called again!
the lady called me yesterday...same story about the voucher but different name company "Zenith" or sth...when i asked her to send me all the details to my email address, she got irritated said that she cant do it and hunged up....the question is where do they find our numbers?
I received a call today at 14:10. The lady calling said I won a voucher. She asked my postal address and I gave her. Then she asked my bank account to activate the voucher. I said “I don’t see right now call after 10 minutes.Exactly 10 minutes, she called me again and I gave her my bank account. She said she will send all the information in my postal address.

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