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This is the number that comes up when somebody uses skype to call you. I just received a call from a friend who mentioned she was using skype to call me. She's in the States and I'm in London, btw. Hope this'll clear things for everyone.
is any body on 3 network as it came up twice when i was talking to my other half from turkey  on the webcam he said he was calling me but this 03390300  but that is not hes number  each time he ran that number came up ?
Hi this seems to be some one is capturing the number and using it .it happens when u give ur number public in face book or in some website
I got a miscall from this number but when I tryed to call again the call is not going. So I need to know from where and who gave me this miscall.Please give me answer within very short time because it is terrible important to me.Thank you.
I had a call from these people today, I was at work meaning that I did not have my phone on me. I am surprised they have managed to get my mobile number in the first place. I will have to get the number blocked if they call me again!
I just had this number call me about 15 times in a row!!!!!! I'm at work and so cant answer. i actually answered once and said simply "I cant talk I am at work" and they still rang about 7 times after that!! I definatley wont be answering them again, and if i do ill be leaving the phone on the side once ive answered it and let them run up their phone bill!!!!
There a '' FINANCE LOAN COMPANY IN MACHESTER '' i have been lookin for a loan and i asked them if they were brokers or lenders they send lenders and sed tht my money would be in my bank within hour or 2 if i paid £210 as the first part of my loan payment soo i did it but bit wierd tht i had give them the money by MONEY GRAM i did it  and im still waiting they have calling centres india hints the wierd fuk up number i have recived a call from there '' PROSSING TEAM '' and ask for more money to realse my payment soo i sed why should i pay anythink to realse it wen u have sed it wud be in my bank within an hour or 2 im thinking about SUWIN as they gave me all there detail n names
Hi EVERYONE The People That Are Calling You Are These People there number calling you are there call centres from india
i had the number ring me at half 11 at night, i picked up first time a man answered and said hello twice, i then hung up not recognizing the deep voice or number. It then rang me 3 times after this one after the other. And then again the next night, all of which i ignored.
I have had this number call me three times in a row - once I picked up and the guy said he was from Virgin Media and I had won something; but the line was bad and after I asked him to repeat it twice he hung up. The number has called me twice since.I have been informed it is a skype number!
This i wierd. I got 2 missed calls fron this number then i called it back and it just bleeped. I called again from my landline and it said number not recognised. It called me again and i heard some background noise, i said hello twice and it hung up :(
have had three missed calls from this number today. It seems to be when I dial a number and there is no answer this number calls me back.  Have tried to ring number on landline but just get the message that this number is not recognized.
I have had the same two numbers calling me, 00118882109380 called me at five to nine two days in a row and 03390300 called me today which I answered, it was a lady on the phone i didn't know the accent, how ever she was asking me if i was interested in working from home with my own website when the phone cut off, I tried to call back but the number was not registered, i really don't know who it is but they knew who i was. Any more info would be help full and how do i stop them calling?
i applied online for a loan and this number rang me back ... they took £52 out of my bank and said i will hv 6000 loan in my bank on saturday ?? :S have i been conned
yes i got a call today aswell frm this number just looks like a really dodgy number called and just hanged up the fone i mean wtf is all that about? im running a business and i hate it when ppl like this call on my phone i give up
No message just hangup.
so geregelt unitymedia angerufen nummer angegeben für werbeanrufe gesperrt

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