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I live up the North West of Tassie and I have received 4 calls today from this number 0361080022 and each time it's a hang up when they hit my answering machine. I just got the last call now at 6.25pm. I am amazed that I am not the only one. I think they need a new day job or hobby! LOL!
i recently bought my first home (i'm 19) and i got the home phone hooked up straight away, i recieved a call from this number a month or two after moving in (my phone auto logs all numbers, this was about 4 months ago now.) asking about contence insurence, asking what i had; electronics, jewelry ect. they said they were from the commonwealth bank but she sounded dodgy, when i asked her questions about my accounts (all with the CBA) she said she was just getting that infomation on screen and changed the subject. i asked to speak to a different rep. and a man came on and probed me further about my contence. it just felt wrong. i hung up and called the bank and no they didnt cold call for insurence. recieved another call from this number a few nights ago answered to a dead line. hung up, they called back, i rejected the call, got another call (all straight back) so i answered and told them if they called back again i'd take the number to the federal police and say i thought it was a possible terrorist threat. (yeah yeah extreame i know and i wouldnt ACTUALLY do it but they were starting to freak me out) and the caller hung up. no calls since. i'm from Launceston Tas.
Same here, been getting 3-5 calls a day for the last couple of weeks from this number, starting from just before lunch time and going til after 6pm.  Everytime I answer they hang up.  Tried to call the number back, but get the engaged signal like others above who have tried. Very irritating indeed.
also receiving multiple calls a day (3 - 6 calls) have not answered one of them though
Live in Burnie reseived 3 calls on Th,2 calls on Fri, caller hangs up when call is picked up.Caller ID:0361080022
Guide dogs selling raffle tickets. Seemed legit to me, no odd questions. Joe (above comments), if you read the other comments carefully, no-one has said the dodgy security questions were from this number, and I can't see anyone but you mentioning the RSPCA. So maybe you are a little paranoid ;)People saying they don't leave a message, call centre people never do. They're instructed not to. Annoying, but that's the way it is.
*gähn*9:15 .... wurde angerufen aber niemand hat sich gemeldet(auch keine Geschäftsgeräusche wie bei andern)hab einfach aufgelegt
haben mich heute auch angerufen obwohl ich den Anruf entgegengenommen habe, meldete sich niemand und meine Tochter ist nun auch wieder munter
das ist schon zum 10mal das diese nummer mich nervt,was ist das ????gehe ran und wird aufgelegt:(
I'm in North Tasmania, two call today no messages.So far we have Royal guide dogs, RSPCA and a security firm. Now i hate to sound paranoid but this smells like fishing to me and i'm betting each of you that got to talk to these people were either asked about your routine (work) and/or whether you owned a dog. Gee, information like that would be really handy if I wanted to rob someone....
From reading through the ACMA site the 03 61 numbers are new prefixes for the Geeveston, Hobart, Oatlands, Ouse area. Tried calling it back and constantly get a busy signal.Interesting, I wonder what we all have in common?
Bei mir hammses heute auch versucht, war ein Marktforschungsinst. zum Thema Kündigung anderer Krankenkassen, -> FritzBox wurde neu kalibriert ;-)
Hatte heute auch diesen Anruf. Hat ca. 8x geklingelt.Als ich dran ging war der Anruf weg.Habe Nummer ab sofort in Fritz Box gesperrt.Die nerven nicht mehr!!Tot den Callcentern!!!!!
frauenstimme, verbindung vorher zusammenbrochen, ich hatte aber vor einigen tagen auch ne anruf wg. umfrage zur krankenkasse, nummer nicht mehr auffindbar...
wurde eben angerufen, frauenstimme meinte: schoenen guten tag, mein name ist oh ich sehe grad ich habe mich verwählt entschuldigung!
Bei mir grad das gleiche... keiner sagt was am anderen Ende.
Ich bin gegen Flatrates für callcenter!!! ;-) Wurde auch belästigt!
Bin gerade angerufen worden. Es hat sich jedoch keiner gemeldet.
Ebenfals heute einen Anruf erhalten. Im Hintergrund Bürobetrieb, aber ran ging niemand
Wurde ebenfalls schon 2x angerufen. Hebe ab aner keine Reaktion an der anderen Seite.

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