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Reverse Phone Check:

I recieve calls from this number at all hours of the day and night, they say nothing into the phone, if I call back it rings a few times and then it cuts out. I have answered it with different tines in my voice and makes no difference, no one has ever spoken into phone. I think it might be a computer generated prank program??True to their excellent service reputation, my service providor (service is a very loose term) vodafone, tells me they have no service for their customers who recieve prank calls but to change my mobile number, good work Vodafone. I guess I will be taking my business to another service driven telco.
I average about 3 calls a day from this number.  I guess telemarketer and that's why no message.  I refuse to answer numbers I don't know so I guess they'll just keep calling!
This number is for a telemarketer who works for many different clients.I checked this site after I gave him my cc details and the line got disconnected. I Freaked out, but then the company he was marketing for called me to verify my details and all was good.This guy is fine and is legit his only fault is that he is a telemarketer :)
This number called my business 5 times today and hangs up when I answer. Googled the number and found this site. I don't have a lod or deep voice, maybe because I answer it with the name of a large company in a very businesslike manner?
I have been receiving calls from this number for some weeks now. No one speaks, then it hangs up. I've return-called the number a few times but it either rings out or is engaged. I'll be getting Optus to put a block on it.
I just copped it as well. I'd never heard of this site before so I just googled the phone number to get an idea of what area it's from and this site came up. How odd. And yes, I have a relatively deepish phone voice so it may have been what made them just hang up.
Constant calls from this number but will not leave message and when I ring back, they won't answer.  Stop calling me!!
I've been getting calls too.  about two or three a day.  never say anything and don't leave a message.
Me too, They phoned my girlfriends phone, I answered and they hung up..... Each time I call number back, it cuts out...... STRANGE!!!!!    Do u think caller is attempting to scam  ppl who answer the phone softly???????
Have received many calls from this number but never actually spoken to anyone as they hang up straight away.So I called the number back and it just hung up on me.Cheeky buggers!
had a missed call from it on my mobile... called back number rang a few times and then just started beeping... weird!
Yep, me too. Just got called on my mobile but they hung up after a few seconds.Called the number back a few times on my land line but no answer..
I just got a missed call to this number on my mobileScamming bastards!
Received a call from this number tonight, nothing was said they just hang up.
Answered this number today and it was the RSPCA wanting a donation.
Phones mobile a couple of times a day but never leaves any message. .
I got a call today from this number and they also hung up on me. nothing was said.
Bei mir auch, ich geh dran und die legen auf.Was für ein Sinn dahinter steckt weiss ich nicht
Wie oft denn noch, die Robinsonliste interessiert keine Sau von diesen elenden Werbespacken!!Diese Liste basiert auf Freiwilligkeit!!Wirksame Mittel sind: ... rauch_node.html oder ... efonwerbung.pdfDas ganze immer und immer und immer wieder. Früher oder später ist der Eintrag auf der Blacklist gewiss.

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