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i have had 3 missed calls from this number, i dont want to answer, as they dont leave any messages.So this is optus ??
I answered one of these calls might of been fake but I think if they wern't optus they were just trying to sell things not steal information seeing they never asked for any personal detail, but all they asked was how has my service with optus been has there been any problems with optus , then asked if I currently had a home or internet service or owned a computer Laptop.When I said I owned a laptop they asked if I know anyone who would like to purchase a cheap mini notbook through optus at a cheap rate.
Calling me pretty regularly also - and at nice odd hours seeing as I'm currently living in Stockholm!
Optus marketing team from India. Very annoying and have no idea what they are doing!
Hey Guys, I too get this number calling me!  A few months ago it used to be an 02 number calling, but now its an 03.  I believe it is a scam as when you call back no one answers.  I did research last time i with the 02 number and everyone was saying it was optus again, but optus dont have that number registered as a customer service centre! i believe they try to get all your personal info.....just dont answer, they get the point after a while, but may take a month or so.
Have had numerous calls from this number, no message, as I have my phone on silent all day, then at night I find that I have all these missed calls from this number. This has been going on for months. Very intersting to learn from all of you that it is Optus, as I don't have an account with them.....
same here. just keeps ringing meeveryday.really annoying!
Who keeps calling me from this number? I get a call every day? i refuse to answer it as i heard it is a scam.
Yes, Optus Marketing. I have had several missed calles this week from this number. No messages left.
yep Optus marketing, been ring me all week
Got a call from this number just now and same thing happened as noted above - no message was left. I think it's rude when people ring and don't leave a message. How are you supposed to call someone back if they're not going to bother leaving a message. Can't be that important to call someone at 515pm on a Friday nite...
Yeah. me too. I just got a call from this number as well.  And it's not the first time.  Thanks everyone.
missed calls but not leaving messages
yes it is very frustrating missed calls and no name. iam not calling them back. Thankyou for letting me know its from optus.
It's a call service for Optus.  My bill is paid and everything seems in order with my account, so I just don't answer it.
Keep getting missed calls, no idea who it is. Getting calls from other 03... numbers too.
Same deal here - I filled out the details on the website last night, also ticked email only.
yup... iSelect... 1 hr after making basic online enquiry... stalkers !!  3 calls in 12 hours AND it was just a 'shopping around' enquiry...  have bought insurance elsewhere !  Leave me alone already !!  Surprised they actually don't have a 'private no.'...
Same here again, used the web site, now getting calls, not leaving messages, im actually in hospital right now waiting to go in to have an operation and they keep calling.
got called an hour after putting my number into i-select to browse health insurance to have them hang up on me

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