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Reverse Phone Check:

This person with Indian accent called  landline tonight at 7.35 husband answered phone and husband  could hardly understand him and when he asked if it was me he wanted to speak to, person rang off.
this number phoned today,the phone went dead when i picked it up, if you get your provider to block the number, you will have to pay for the service,the choice is yours,I have caller display and I wont be answering that number again.
Call at 1553 British Summer Time Tuesday 28 September. Asian sounding male asked to speak to 'the property owner'. When I asked who was speaking there was no reply but my house phone was unusable for several minutes until the call disconnected. Meanwhile I could hear background noise from an office or call centre.
Soittanut jo viisi kertaa tänään.
Katkaisi puhelun juuri kun vastasin. Yrittää ilmeisesti että soittaisin uteliaisuuttani takaisin ja voisi pitää myyntipuheensa minun laskuun.
Soittanut tänään monta kertaa lyhyen hälärin johon ei ehdi vastata..
I have had a call from this number 8 times that have been recorded over the last 12 days.  Of the calls I have managed to pick up it would appear this is a call centre seems to have been engaged to push a government grant for loft and cavity wall insulation.  This seems to be the consitant 'sell' but each time I have asked them where they have got my number from they hang up.  I don't think you can do anything other then perhaps get phone service provider to place a bar on the number.  Because this call centre is based in India it is not subject to the UK's phone regulations.  I am now just doing a 'Mr Angry don't call me back again@ type routine in the hope that they will give up and delete my name from the database!
once every day, two or three calls the other day
I have reported it to OFCOM, They say "Thank you for providing Ofcom with the information below. As explained, this will be used for monitoring purposes only as Ofcom do not become involved in the resolution of individual consumer complaints."So report it and they may do something about it.
usually once a day but on the 10th Aug it was three times in a morningD
this number tired to call me twice today, luckily i had my phone in the coffee room.
this is starting to pee me off now  as they call about 2 times a day and dont say anything
Somebody must know who this company is. How can we trace the number?
Yritti soittaa tänään kahdesti, toisen kerran en ollut puhelimen ääressä, ja toisella kerralla olin juuri vastaamassa mutta lopetti soittamisen. Liittymä, ja nettiasiat kunnossa, joten eipä ollut suuri vahinko vaikka ei tullut vastattua :)
just silence when i answerd the phone
Called today. Foreign voice trying to sell something. He cut call after I asked him twice how he had got my number.
Government grants re loft and cavity wall insulation
Called twicw in 2 days both silent calls
En vastannut mutta hyvä tietää, en vastaa jatkossakaan. Kiitos!

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