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hy im abdollah
Hat mich angerufen, aber als ich mich gemeldet habe keine antwort. Hat aufgelegt.
This is about the third or forth call from 0501. Everytime it's a silent call
Had 0501 call, my little boy answered the phone and they hung up. If they call again I'll put them on hold and they can listen to Greensleeves!!
I've just been called by a guy with an accent I can only describe as half Chinese, half Indian telling me I could get a government grant on loft insulation.  At least he knew what a no-call list was - he came up with the term.
Keep getting phone calls from 0501 asking for home owner, kept saying it is not a sales call
Over the last few months I've received numerous calls from this number..I'm on the Tephone preference list...0501 7201033 has called me twice already this morning.
Had a miss call from someone which BT's 1471 service could only give as 0501. Googled it and brought me here. Looks like I had a lucky escape. If I get this number ringing again I shall give them a volley of one syllable expletives until they hang up!!!How can they be allowed to get away with this, have they nothing better to do!!!??
Somebody called me from Synovate and his name was Rage. he said he call behalf Lloyds Tsb bank and he had some information about myself. I dont know who gave my information to him.
Just received a call from someone claiming to be from ICM doing some political polling. Seemed alright though I didn't want to give my age or name out. It was a London number though think it was an Indian call centre - anyway, he gave the 0500 number as a means of verifying the call. I haven't bothered to call it but to those that are wary of how they can confirm the callers name: I imagine they take your inbound caller id and look up the details of who called you based on that. Seems perfectly plausible.
they have just called me and asked me questions about how I was going to vote in the general election. nothing too personal though...
they just called me now, the same asian accent, sounded like a robot i couldnt make out what she was saying because she was talking so fast but she asked me if the homeowner was over 25 and then asked me my favroute country, she knew our surnames and everything
This apparant survey company was asking about an O2 Manager card that they sem to know I had, with regards to its ease off service etc ! ???? Just seemed to want to many personal details for my liking !! I might be wrong ?
called about london transport
All very odd. I got a call from Michael Farrer on this number. This time from OMB research. I asked them to send me an email for verification. I couldn't be bothered anyway to answer their research questions. This was an unsolicited call to our business. We'd prefer our lines to be clogged up with customers not cold callers. After reading this thread and having my own suspicions at the time I shall not be downloading the attached survey. Unsolicited calls and what to do about them can be looked up and stopped (it says) via Trading standards for your area. I was cold called by another company in 2008 not from this number, but they were offering advertising in their magazine which could attract large institutions like NHS, Schools, Colleges, Nursing homes etc.. to make contracts with us. I felt they were very pushy and so I looked into their credentials. I found several complaints of monies handed over and no magazine ever published. Luckily I did this rather than jump at the chance to gain 'potentially lucrative contracts'. Since then I treat all cold callers as potential scammers. If I didn't invite them I won't be joining them without doing my own research survey! :)
I received a call from someone who claimed to be Melanie Wymer from Kantar Operations claiming to be conducting a 'lifestyle survey' on behalf of BMRB at 8 pm on a Saturday night.  Someone had called earlier and I had said that it was not convenient for me to talk.  She asked me alot of questions on my shopping habits and work information.  She then gave me two numbers - one for Kantar and one for someone who is able to 'verify' this fact.  I called 'Kantar' at the above no at 9 pm on Saturday night and a man answered and immediately stated that a 'Melanie Wymer' worked for the company (I found this strange as how would he know who called me??) and do they only have 1 person working for the company.  I then called the 'verification' company on 0500 396999 and got a woman who verified that indeed that the 'lifestyle' survey was being conducted by a Melanie Wymer and again, I found it very strange that she could name the person who had spoken to me.  I then checked with Kantar Operations and found their number on the web listed as 01926 826298 and called their offices.  A security man answered the phone and said that no-body was there and to call back on Monday when their offices were open.
Ich habe ständig Anrufe von 0501 444 7111 . Da die Anrufe ständig in Abwesenheit waren weiß ich nicht wer es war ,aber sie sind so aller 2-3 Tage . Kennt jemand diese Nummer ? Google hat nix gebracht !
have had 3 calls from this company today saturday, first 2 times caller didnt speak, on 3rd call he claimed to be from no hassels claim ltd. Apparently there was money owed to me from a mortgage company whom i had taken payment protection out with??? Wanted my bank details to take a fee of 79.99 from my account for legal documents that they would forward on to me. When i told him i would research his company before i would give him any information he began to get narky. Indian accent asked for my dob and was able to tell me my address with post code.Gave his name as Ronald Patel, even gave me a security no: 1989???
Got a call this evening - just silence. The usual reason for this is predictive dialling software in call centres. It predicts the end of a phone call based on average duration and starts dialling the next number automatically. This reduces the idle time of the call centre operators. If the previous call takes longer than predicted there is no-one available to speak to you.

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