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I recieved a message, which I saved on my voice mail saying that they were officer Charlie Mason, and I had to pay 5000.00, and they were coming to my house or job to take me in downtown. How do I get this person not to call me again from this number , or any????
This is a complete phone scam.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY.  IT sound like the same person trying to disguis his voice. He calls from a phone number 052-664-410, then leave a message to call him back at another phone number that does not belong to him.  He calls saying he is a debit collector for Cashenet or another company. He uses the names of Charile, Chris Williams, Anthony Wells, and Frank Wilson. If you get a call from this person, please report it to your state's Attonery Generals Office and made a local police report.  The issue right now is finding out where the calls are coming from. Thank You for listening.  Please report this scammer.
My friend received the same exact phone call, from Charlie Mason who says he is an officer of the law and that she had 3 cybercrime counts against her.  I told her it sounds like a scam, and she asked him several questions and he hung up.Total scam, don't be fooled.
I got a call from somebody claiming to be from a collection agency threatening the same thing, foreign accent, from the 052 number giving a 425 area code phone number for call back which nobody answers.  He said it was from Cash Net and that I should get my attorney because I would be served at work along with my boss and he had the names of two of my family members.  He also mentioned the Sheriff's Department.  This is a total scam, do not be fooled!
I was at work and some man name Charlie Mason say that there is a lawsuit against me and that in two hours they were going to call me boss and come pick me up from work and hold me there so I can be process for a bail of 5,000. I asked from who and they said Cash Net. I have dealt with the loan on the computer before but i paid it all back already. That's wy it sound fishy. So, when they called me the called me from a (052)664-410 number and told me to call them back on a (425)606-3034 number and I called and they didn't answer and then they called me back from the (052) number. I spoked to person you can tell by the foreign accent and I ask so many question He hung up. So becarefull everyon cause they got me once and i will never be tricked again.
A man with a middle eastern accent continues to call this business.  So far it has been 63 times.  He is asking for a person who is not here.  He continues to call at this moment and is disrupting businessthe number appears on our preveiw screen as 052797815This is a Philadelphia based company.
Habe heute auch 'nen Anruf davon bekommen - gott sei dank war ich nicht da.
Fn officer robert jones keeps calling me telling me to pay $575 in 30 min or he is calling th epoice and they are comming to my house to arrest me or taking me to court then ill have to pay $6,000...i said HEY Haji, dont call me again i dunno what you are talking about or who you are but I WILL call the police if you call me again... well he called again and i got him i told him i recoreded the call and was calling the police he put me on hold and another "Haji" got on the phone telling me to pay i told him to piss off and hung up. they are still calling me everyday 2 times today if he calls again im gunna F with him soooooo bad and return the favor of stressin me the F out.... good luck to anyone else going through this
I believe these blood sucking scum bagas are out for anything they can do to take advantage of our information. According to this phone number I received a phone call today with a woman asking for me by my name. I had a gut feeling it was bs!!! I told her you have the wrong number and do not call me again!!She decided to call me again and I literally let her have it.. Someone calling with an accent out of India, people come on she is scammer especially with a phone number that your not able to contact.." I told her stop calling me U Dumb A**"!!!  They are lying and trying to steal what they can its a damn scam of your identity that they are trying to steal!!
I got the same thing. These people call every couple weeks with made up names (john smith, kevin miller...) and say that I am going to be sued if I don't pay them immediately. Supposedly I owe money to a cash advance company, but when I google this company, or the one they say they are calling from, neither exist.When I told them I knew it was a scam, he became very upset, and starting saying disgusting things. I hung up on him, and he called right back. I told him that I had recorded his calls, and reported him to the FBI for impersonating the government- he said he was from the dept of justice. After that, he started getting upset, and saying 'i love you' over and over again before hanging up.
I started receiving calls from these people yesterday stating they are filling a fraud law suit against me due to fraud.  I asked them who they were and that i will report this to my lawyer and they states see you in court and i said sure will.  Very mean they started to yell and scream at the top of their lungs.  This is a scam....
This is a male with a heavy middle eastern accent claiming to be Chris Palmer. Threatens that you will lose your social security number and have legal action taken against you if you don't pay him money for a fradulent check you supposedly wrote! When I tried to return "Chris Palmers" call to 772-291-6166 they asked me for my name and number to which "Chris Palmer" had called. I said I didn't need to divulge that information since they already supposedly had that and the number to my social. These people will try to get you for anything you have. I have reported them to the FBI and Federal Credit Bureau. They are persistent and will ring up your phone until you either answer or have to shut it off literally. Make sure you report them, the FBI already knows about the scam and that you make them aware they have been reported. Also by law Fair Credit Act they are only allowed to call you once a day, I have had up to 9 calls from them today. Heads aware and be careful.
These are people scamming you, they called me and would give me the entitity they are tied to...I spoke to the "supervisor" and he told me to F*** off Mother F*****SeriouslyLosers
OMG! Everything that I've read has happened to me. In 2010 i applied to the loan company and gave them my account info, personal info., etc. I never recieved the loan in my account EVER!! And now two months later an indian guy calls me with a heavy accent talkin about how i'm going to get sued $6700 if i want to settle this in court or out of court for $502? now i asked him what was this for and he just kept saying write down some information and did not answer my question. I asked him twice and he mumble something. so because i couldn't hear him i agreed to paying $502. he did tell me twice that he was going to start court procedings and harass me at work.he would not give me any information on who I received they loan from or what account they sent it to.This is bull crap
OMG! Everything that I've read has happened to me. In August i applied to the loan company and gave them my account info, personal info., etc. I never recieved the loan in my account EVER!! And now two months later an indian guy calls me with a heavy accent talkin about how i'm going to get sued $7000 if i want to settle this in court or out of court for $675? now i asked him what was this for and he just kept saying write down some information and did not answer my question. I asked him twice and he mumble something. so because i couldn't hear him i agreed to paying $675. he transferred me to "the payment center" where i spoke to another indain guy. now get this when this guy asked me to fax my debit card information and authorize my transaction with my id photo. he said i needed to fax it over within 20 minutes. i kept telling i dont have time today but he wasn't taking no for an answer.after i noticed how fishy these guys where acting i demanded to know what was I was paying for. this time i was pissed and said i wanna talk to someone without an accent cause i don't understand anybody there. they transferred me to another indian woman who had an accent but at least i could understand her better. and she told me it was for a payday loan i requested. I told her loud and clear that i never recieved money so why should i have to pay? then i told her i would check my bank statements and call her back in three hours of course she claims she has the reciepts to prove it. I checked my bank account like crazy and like I said I never recieved payment so they're bullshitting hours passed and by this time the indian man called me and was angry stating that i didn't call him. I told him that I was NOT making the payment period and he replyed that he was sending the information to the courts and they'll be suing. He also claims hes going to send information through the mail and i would recieve an email I've been researching this scam and all signs point to bu***hit. I was scared but now I'm going to report them cuz nobody should be put through the stress that I was put through. I now will never do this S**t again I don't need this right now. I going to close my account that they have on file cuz i'm afraid they will take money out.
I recieved this number as well, and a man with a heavy accent told me the same thing about this.....YOu know what? I wish there was a way we could sue THEM for fraud. This is bullcrap.. It makes me so angry to EVER get a phone call like that.
Weird number keeps calling my phone and leaving messages with American names but very thick indian accents
I received a call from them today stating the same exact thing about the lawsuit.  He was very rude to me and said if I didnt pay I would be put behind bars and have to pay $5000 plus to get out this.  I asked him questions about who I supposedly owed this money to and he would not answer me He just kept saying over and over how would I like to take care of this payment with him.  He kept interrupting and I couldnt understand a word he said.  This is terrible that they are allowed to do this to people.
I have received multiple calls from this number.  I know from researching it that it is a scam.  However, today I was feeling compelled, so I answered it.  Same thing as what others have indicated above.  Saying I owed money to a payday loan company and they were going to "see me in the courthouse."  I kept saying that they needed to contact my attorney about this.  Any legit company is required by federal law at that point to take the attorney's information and delete my number out of their system.  You know this jerk's response?  "Your attorney is bu***hit, ma'am."  I asked him to repeat it because I thought I was misinterpreting what he was saying through his thick accent and he said the same thing.  I said, "Are you saying 'YOU'RE ATTORNEY IS BU***HIT????" He replied, "Yes, ma'am"..... Lmao......   I litterally laughed at him and told him not to contact me again.

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