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Reverse Phone Check:

Call from this number silent---no speaking at 9.20pm even though have TPS on phone!
Got a call frm this number who's that?
Got a call from this strange number, which I thought was odd. They left a message which I checked. Turned out to be a friend calling, but still to find out what kind of network or service they were calling from!
Just had a call from this number at 9pm, when I said the home owner wasnt  here he just hung up never bothered to say goodbye and had a Indian accent not sure if this is a scam
Keeps calling and talking about nothing in particular
Keeps calling and talking about nothing in particular. When I ring the number back its a continuous tone - number unobtainable.
Call from this number at 14.30. Indian chap wanting yet another survey. Didn't catch the company name, but undoubtedly selling something else I don't want.
its a srange number
I just had a call from this number. Bloke with Indian accent says he wants to ask questions for market research. I asked where he got my number from and he went all quiet and hung up. I've a funny feeling this leads to some kind of scam.
cold caller
Keeps asking for my husband. When I ask who is calling rings off straight away. Foreign accent, Indian I think.
We were called by this number yesterday (22/09/10). The caller rang off without speaking.
This number called me at 1809 on Tuesday 24 August.  They said "can I speak to James Robinson".  I asked who is this.  "I am calling on behalf of Lifestyle Research Centre, Harpenden, Hertfordshire",  I said I had never heard of them, and why were they calling me.  The man said "I wonder if you could spare a few minutes to answer a survey/?"  Before I refused, I asked him where in the world he was - he originally said India - I said "Bombay?".  "No, we are in Calcutta (Kukkata).  I said "OK, thank you".  He asked me why I wanted to know so i said I was just curious.His reason for calling was that aparently I had said I wanted to be contacted, and that I gave permission within the last six months when I had purchased something either online or if I had filled in a questionaire.  I told them that was not true, and I then told him I was on the TPS, and I should not have been called by them.  I said I will eventually complain when I can find out who ths company is.  His response was "Well you complain then, OK?", and hung up.  (BTW I am now with Virgin Media, not BT any more).There are no numbers in the UK that start 06.  As they were calling from Inda, I tried 0091 646 etc, but no luck here.  I even tried 0091 0646 and the rest of the number, but still no luck.06 numbers in the UK were supposed to be used for "Personal numbers" instead of an 070 number.  This was supposed to have been reviewed by the end of 2007 but nothing appears to have come of it.James Robinson
06468451870 called two days ago in the afternoon, silent call to my UK landline in South West.   Called today at 14:57, silent again.ER
Got a call from them yesterday evening asking if I was "the lady of the house" - so they don't even know the names of the people they are calling.  Was a market research company asking me to do a survey, I just said no thanks and goodbye and put the phone down.  We are ex-directory and registered with TPS, I never give out my home phone number so they must just be using automatic diallers.
telemarketing pest
Missed a call from this number at 16.10. Tried to call but no. not recognised.
Got a call from 06468 451870 At 17.01 this afternoon, the message left was a wierd sound, I tried to dial the number back and was told the number was not recognised.
Had 2 calls from these people in the last 10 minutes, its supposedly some research company. My tolerance levels are decreasing, look out if they try again!!

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