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Received a gmail asking for info about our courses - each time called (twice) got voicemail.
HiI am looking to get a new kitchen installed or, should I say, the wife is. Could you give me a call to arrange a quote.ThanksDarren Partington07031976358
got  an email with this number via google pay per click. premium rate number wants me to call to give them price. so not only did they cost me on the pay per click then cost me £8 in trying to phone them 4 times. all i got was an answerphone.something should be done by the goverment or dti to stop this robbery
Got a call from this number with a recorded message saying I had won a prize to Cancum Mexico, all I had to do was to press 9 on my key pad to speak to an advisor. Needless to say I did not press 9 as it has to be a scam.
Here Holland speaking. This number called me today. I called back, number is not available.
Just got a call from this number as well. Congratulating me on winning a Jackpot in Vegas and that I should press 9! However, never been there, probably never will. Too far from the Netherlands ;-) Strange scam... how can they gain from this?
just got home from work and had voice mail from this number 07024728477 sayin gi have won jackpot press 9  bla bla  i thought yeah right this is a scam  i aint gonna fall for that one
Had this number call my answering machine today 02/11/2010 10:11, with 1 after the 0 -  (017024728477) it's a scam, look at the digits, there are too many of them. had the same call on 30/10/2010 16:25 without the 1 (07024728477). USA callers have a way of diguising the caller ID. It's about time it was stopped!
I too just got this phone call, just as I was getting comfy on my recliner with my cat on my lap.  Said I'd won a holiday to Cancun AND Thailand, and asked me to press 9, which of course I didn't.I'd pay good money to somehow get these people responsible to have unsolicited phone calls from them at 0300hrs each day.
I'm glad there are sites like these around!----I've just a similar email from with the same 07031962989 number."I am looking to buy a house for the first time and was wondering if you had any information you could send me. My fax number is 07031972785Many thanksJason Hartley07031962989"I have a seperate website from my main business offering free solicitor quote comparisons and he emailed me on that sites email address so I got a bit suspicious as does not mention my mortgage services... anyway, in searching his email address, I came across this site so I am even more pleased I searched his name before calling!
I got the following message:  I have tried calling but got no answer. Can you give me a call.  ThanksJason Hannigan07031940802Called back and got American answer service.  Wish I hadn't left a message as I presume someone is collecting data.  Don't know if I've been charged yet.
HiI have tried calling to book a consultation but got no answer. Can you please call me.ThanksPaul Worthing07031976357
I also got a call no one there, rang number back unobtainable, i am also on TPS so clearly that is a waste of time.
had email enquiring about my business services - called number twice now and got American voice on voicemail service - haven't checked my billing yet but assume I've been scammed also.number is 07031952614   from  David Jenkinson  email   -   david.p.jenkninson@gmail.comthanks to this website for saving me more time and money
Guess what it just rang again only rang 3/4 times then hung up  ?????
I Recieved this email, see below, I thought it peculiar that dates are not mentioned, i google searched the tel number and it came right to this sight, THANKS to everyone who has reported this scam, i have been lucky to get away with no cost.----------------------------HiI am trying to arrange a video and photographer for my wedding. Could you please give me a call.ThanksJason
Graham e Dudley emailed to say he could not get through on my phone.  American answer msg.  guess I'm going to be billed.
i got this message  twice to 2 different mail boxs sayingHiI am trying to arrange entertainment for my wedding. Could you please give me a call.ThanksGraham Dudley07031965596and this oneHiI am trying to arrange entertainment for my wedding. Could you please give me a call.ThanksScott Deardon07031976350
Tel. No. 07024728477 - this number also called me yesterday 6.10.10 - as soon as I heard a tape, I hung up - had to do it twice as it would not cut off. Did 1471 and got the number.Quite annoying.

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