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Please block this illegal scam of this number - 0738011620! Where are the cellular providers?
Received SMS at 0213am on the18th December from 0718038933 which said :-Congratulations ! Your MOBILE NUMBER has won R98000 on LG Yearly PROMOTION.Ticket number 0299p.   Call Mrs Annie on 073 801 1620 for your cash prize.  Call 8am till 4pm/.If only ! ! !
scam hoax b***h, Annie - I won R98000. in a LG promo, BU***HIT!! Told me to buy 2xR200 Telkom Prepaid vouchers and sms it to her, What? Go suck a Goat u M............
What phone company are you guys with Im with 3 I use to be prepaid but switched to a contract but keeping the same number and all of a sudden I'm getting calls from telemarketer like this number and others. They know my name as well so I reckon 3 is selling number info to these scum
Had a missed call from this number.. I looked it up and saw all this and got a little worried. After I read the info on this site they called again and I decided to answer. It was a woman and she wanted to know if I live in Acacia Ridge. I told her I don't live anywhere near there and then she asked me where I live and I said not Acacia Ridge. She said "thanks for clearing that up, bye".How weird!
Finally spoke to someone then.. A lady from Modern Group called... blah blah blah
i had a call from this number this morning and the same thing as above, i tried to call back but it's an incorrect number etc... my number is not private and i believe they got it from my business website.  i bloody hate cold calling so lucky i didn't answer or they would've got a piece from me!!
Got a call from 07 3902 7313 10am today, this dude(or machine) has called me about 4 times over the last month, usually between 9 and 11am. Can't call the number back, I'm just glad that I found this site and know that it's not just me!I'm amazed that they're calling people who don't live in QLD! I'm going to try and find out where or who this person is and if I find out I'll post it here so we can all bombard them with hang ups and stingy prank calls and proposals of insualtion weddings.
Received a call from 07 3902 7313 on my mobile today, was a female selling roller shutters... the environment behind her was incredibly noisy, sounds like a boiler room call center with lots of operators cramed in like caged hens hammering away at keyboards and clucking away on the phone.Unfortunately I didn't catch the name of the company, I'm pretty sure I already added my mobile to the do not call register so I highly doubt they are washing their call lists correctly. Would be good if someone else gets a call from this number selling roller shutters if they catch the company name and details so a formal ACMA complaint can be lodged.
Got a phone call from this number, constantly engaged when I tried to call back.
This number 0739027313 has called both my mobiles. When I answer there is no sound. When I try to return the call I get a message that the number is diconnected.
have been getting calls from this number for a while now on home and always hangs up when i answer, and says number is not connected, please check the number and try again.  i am sick of it and will be reporting it to the telstra nuisance calls register.
Missed call from this number 0739027313 21/10/09 11.48amThen again i get a lot of calls from charities and others. Careflights, Sporting Wheelies and Datasystems who tries to sell you a computerised gambling system as "an investment". Thinking about getting my number switched.
I got a phone call from 0739027313 and nobody talks, I waiting for few seconds and finally the person hang up, I tried to call back, but the phone call immediately, but it didn't ring at all, it was a death number.
I missed this call about 20 mins ago, tried to call back and it says that number is incomplete?
just had a missed call from that number and the left a voicemail. there was a male breath, and computers typing in the also getting calls from 07 5634 9400 which i cant get into contact with either...fml
I'm on 3 and i just got a missed call from this number. Tried calling it back ten mins later and it say - "sorry there is no answer for this service you are trying, please call again later".Two days a go I got a missed call from 03 9601 1000. cant call that one back either. I live in Bris not Melb, so i dont know why they are calling me anyway.If i get to answer the call next time, then im gonna talke for an hour and cost them some money ;)
got a 2 missed calls from 07 39027313 to my mobile within two days (yesterday and today)  dialed the number back from my landline and it said wrong number.
Got a missed call from 0739027313 yesterday, tried to return and got an engaged signal.  It called back today and was from "modern roller shutters".  I have never had any contact with this company and very few number of people know my number.

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