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Reverse Phone Check:

They texted me too saying just "Hi"No idea who it is...
it is oxendales - very rude
ARC debt collection, scumbags ring and ask foryou like their a friend. Don'teven owe them anything!!!
They texted me too who is it ??
i just got tx fr num above bout a loan is this a prank ? they ave said phone this num 01234482611 or go 2  www.quidmatemate
never heard of you
got a message from this number no idea who it is please help stop it
i keep getting this no too drives me mad
i have just had a text from that number telling me to confirm on their website. website not there def a scam
i keep getting texts everyday from this number thanking me for my application wiv quidmate even though i`ve never heard of them
i had same msg call no or log onto the e-mail address
Got a message saying " JAMES, thank you for your application.Please call 01234481177 b420.00 or visit to confirm. Reply stop to end." Is this genuine or a scam? Can someone help?
this number text me saying, maureen thankyou for your application please call 01234482611 or visit, its an unknown number to me & i don't know how they got my mobile number
Its not a scam at all.  I actually got a loan the same day.  than I got a little annoyed.  I replied STOP and never got a message again
this is a coplete con ignore them
I got a text from this number 07786209445 saying thank you for your application please call 01234 481178 before 20:00 or visit to confirm  but the website does not exist can you tell me what company it is thanks adam
I keep getting txt from this number (+44 7786 209 445) any ideas who they are?! and why so many txts/ calls?" Scott, thank you for your application. Please call 08001 244724 b4 18:00 or visit"
do not call again this number they are a con
I too keep getting disturbed at work by this number.!AARRGGHH!Driving me nuts every 2mins.

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