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Annoying texts received
i also had a missed call from this number  ???? but no message left just noise
has anybody managed to get their money back from this conman? Is so, how, as he seems to be getting away with it.
i stumbled onto him last week, he doent remember ripping me off, but i recognised him striaght away!! believe it or not i bought a xmas tree of him!!! He is running a new car sales place in lower wheelton, chorley called wheelton motors, i followed him home to a house on town lane and the mercedes mentioned above is on the drive!!! its defo him, well lets hope it snows again as there wont be any windows in the mercedes when it does!!!!  is the new name for Adlington Used MotorsTelephone: 07810 296481; Email:; Address: 213 Blackburn Road ...  Andy Piner & Anthea K Lightnew web site started 3rd Dec 2010 paid for all of usWheelton Motors, 213 Blackburn Road Wheelton, Chorley, Lancashire, PR6 8EY | Tel:  01254 830820 07810296481Keeping the comunity Informed
he has done me aswell, sold me a completely knackered car.
WARNINGCars for sale by Andy Piner & Anthea Light ta Adlington Used Motors or Wheelton Motorstel 07810296481 all below may not belong to mr andy piner se be warnedV519 NRH Vauxhall AstraYH54 AVJ Vauxhall CorsaPE03 ERY Ford KAX143 GDC Fiat PuntoY229 RUT Vauxhall CorsaKR04 RHK Vauxhall CorsaWheelton Motors or is it Adlington Used Motors not sure !!but its 100% Andy Piner the mercedes ML driver P111NER 07810296481 WARNING do not trust this man, as he will do you, guaranteed there are pleanty who have been connedout of money by this con artistthere will be more info posted by 100s of poor motorists
OMG  can't believe  I have stumbled on this, If this is the same andrew piner  he riped me off for £4000 a few years ago, then disappeared no reply to calls etc  I will Call this Number if he is the same man My Husband would Like to see him and god help him
received a call from this number today at 12:57pm. I was unable to answer at the time and it went to voice mail just leaving a noise as though my phone was ringing out!  Am getting a similar thing but from different numbers all beginning with 07890.....
When I answered, nobody replied.
07810296481  this belongs to Andy Piner, a used car dealer from Adlington Lancashire, watch him as he will not pay you, he is a con man.
Received a call from this number while was talking on other line.
What legitimate company would call you on a mobile number? I said I wasn't confirming anything until i had a clear idea of who was speaking to me.
i just phoned this back and said i was in the bath when they rang so they just hung up what the hell do they even want?? what is the point of them very odd
they just called me 3 times no background voice of nethingi do not owe money to no one
These people recover delinquent debts. They were after me for a gym membership i cancelled due to injury. fitness first use them and they pretend they never receive your cancellation. They dont recover cars at all. They dont actually care much for recvering a debt either as the guy asked me for my reference number and i said i dont have one so he said "oh well, we'll call again sometime"professional or what!
My elderly pensioner mother in her 70's keeps getting calls from these people, I checked her ring back...and my mother owes nobody!
They are just idiots who just call then when you question them they have no real answers - Clowns!
these guys do not have a clue about how to collect debts, especially on a professional level, scaire tactics, information scattering, telling you were you work and how you get paid!!! etc it seems more mi5 tactic than a collection agency they go of on tangents, be great if they could actually prove that i owed £38.00 to a gym, i do but they way they continuosly call hang up and provide me with fluff info makes me think once i give them my card number they will debit more than entitled!! i will pay the gym direct and ask them to send them a letter of confirmed settlement.
Got a call from this number, just funny beeping on the other end, hung up

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