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Bei mir war es die Tele2-Service Hotline, welche meine Vertragsdaten nochmal durchgeben wollte. Hintergrund war, dass bei telefonischem Vertragsabschluss die Tonaufnahme von meiner Stimme zur Vertragsbestätigung nicht funktioniert hatte und diese Tonaufnahme wiederholt werden musste.
just got one now 19:00 25th october 2010 annoying
I was offered BTvision from the caller. I asked what this meant being as I had my own optician anyway. She explained that it was television over the internet. I pointed out that I believe television to be evil and a corrupting influence on society and would not watch it under any circumstance. She seemed a bit taken aback and I bid her farewell. i rung back the number as I suspected could be a scam and as above was told by recording that i had been called by bt partners 2touch. the message gave the number 08000282272 to ring  which turns to go bt customer services. I spoke to a charming indian chappy who was a bit confused and thought for a while I wanted to become ex-directory. He eventually decided he would put me on TPS which I thought I might be on anyway and asked me if he had provided the number one customer service.
been ringing me answered last night - claimed to be BT then asked questions/fished about my account - told them they couldn't possibly be BT or they would know the details they were asking for and said I am terminating the call.  I am registered with TPS and have been for ages and my number is ex-directory so heaven knows why or how they are calling me or got my number unless BT gave it to them ......
They called earlier asking for me, but I was out. (Mum answered the phone). She said it sounded like a Scouser from some company (FSA or something, she could not understand the man properly (not being anti Liverpudlian, I hasten to add!)).I recently left BT for another phone company, and the final BT bill has been paid in full!
Got a call from this number and it left an automated message - giving another number to call - you"may" be able to be removed from our calling list.I am not wasting time calling on the off chance - if they had said call this number and you will be removed from our calling list - then maybe.assumed it was to get you to call them a) not cold calling if you call them b) it confirms your phone number
it's 7pm 18th October 2010 and this Cold Caller 08009234349 got zapped on my Answer Phone Machine - "That's The Way To It"
Had several calls (usually two a day) finally answered one and they said they were BT. Didn't ask what they were selling, just told them we weren't interested.
i am fed up with this number calling me twice a day and when i do eventually answer the phone if i'm here it goes dead.....fed up with the calls so how do i go about getting myself off there call list....i'm registered with tps but lately i have been having lots of numbers calling me
Keep getting these calls -,how do I stop them?
This number calls everyday ... latest today at 16.30 (from 1471) - even when I have TPS on my line! Very annoying - guess they are trying to sell something, I am an adult and can find out information and do not need to be pressurised for any services I do not need. If it indeed is BT, it perfectly fits their "image" ...
I keep getting missed calls from these guys too. If you call back you get a recorded message from BT saying that "Our partners 'Two Touch' called you on our behalf, but were unable to contact you". They don't say why, or who Two Touch might be, and you're not able to speak to them! Perhaps BT are selling on their customer lists.Registered not to get sales calls with the TPS, so assuming they're a sales operation from outside the country and TPS doesn't apply to them - be interesting if anyone knows?
Called today 14/10/10 @ approx 4:30pm...suspect they have called earlier in the day but was not in so no message left.Did 1471 to get number then dialled it and just got single tone.If I do pick up and it is a cold call they will get a very blunt response.
Second call from these jokers. Didn't answer. No message left
They called under the name of BT, and wanted to talk to my father about overdue phone bills. (But our provider is not BT)This is probably a scam:
Calls every day and hangs up. Leaves no messages.
We have been phoned twice today from this number. There is only a dialling tone when I pick up and no message left. Why are BT/BT partners (if it is them) doing this? Could it be to check it is a live number before they pass it to a sales force?
This number has run me a few times any ideas who they are?? ... n_FURL_partners
This is a "cold call" from a BT "Partner"

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