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Dito das gleiche
the same...
Continuously calls and leaves no message.
Phones rings but no reply on answering. Don't have SMS enabled on my phone
We received three calls within 40 minutes starting at around 12.10 am Wednesday morning (i.e. just after midnight). There was no-one at the other end and the number then appeared to hang up
This number has rang me 5 times this eve the last call was 1am this morning,who are these people when i rang it back it says no such number.i have now had to put my phone on silence..
Started calling me 2day. I have had 2 calls now in the last hour or so. have anybody had any sucsess in getting rid of these calls? Is this eircom????
I have same problem - late evemning originall but now midnight to 3am - it's now gone well beyond an inconvenience or an irritation. Contacted Comreg but amazingly they could not shed any light on it; neithetr could they tell me who the numner referrd to.  Whats new for Comreg - they always seem to be the last to know about telecoms issues!My house alarm sends out texts to my mobile to alert me whenever it has gone off and it seems that some piece of equipment somewhere on the Eircom network (although they are not my service provider)now believes that I have a text enable landline and that I am fair game for sending crap to at 3.00am. When I suggested this to Comreg they seemed bemusedSuggest we all ring Comreg every day 'till they get off their a*** and do whatever it takes to get this sorted. After all, they are public servants and that is what they are paid to do!
line was just blank
some langer keeps ringin me in the middle of the night
This is Eircom text service number.  It may be that someone sent a text to your house no instead of your mobile.  If you do not have text service set up or previously had text services with eircom set up but moved company the eircom text server will attempt to send it 3 times hence usually 3 calls.  Ask your provider to block the number
4.00,415,500,530,6.30, these are not convenient times to be calling people on a sat morn nor on a sunday morn. complained to malicious calls [number from eircom book] and at the other end i was told to contact my service provider [who is not eircom]for it was not under catergory of malicious calls.i would beg to differ and if it persists i will go to police with complaint
hii ment texting, if you text your house or someone text your house, leaving a message, hte number shows up so it is the sms text service station message centre.if only companies stated on their number is not in service ,when you call hte number back,and just said message centre, htan it would be peace of mind for lots of people
hiisolved your problem due to endless stupid calls from firends and people not talking, eircom included, and for 16 years so became a nervous i typed it the number, without the o, on the internet, and came upon fellows talking about eircoms message sms service and talking about caller displays so here i looked it up again, now if you ring from your mobile your house, having a caller display, or anyone calling your house, this stupid message service station if yu have eircom will display this stupid number on your caller display.i jsut hope we are not going to be charged everytime someone rings our house having an eircom phone. so try it out, my daughter called us on the date i got htis number on my display, from her 02 phone, and our phone is with the number above does not show up on our phone, except on the caller display.i just wished i had know this sooner as at this moment stupid me is moving out and filling for divorce due to stupidity of companies . so try it out, ring your house from your mobile and look what comes up.and every time i changed the phone over the last few yeares i keep getting stupidity.if only i had known. well i wont be with eircom next time unless they talkjust strange eircom does not mention it when people ask about htat number but it is EIRCOM MESSAGE SERVICE.if you call htem ands ask what number htat is they say must be a lo call number , who are they joking it is tehm
Himy phone does not ring but they leave the number and someone emailed me it was sms text by voip and my sister in law in holland emailed voip pretending to look for a person and they said private number, so some suggests sms text by voip , in my case very frustrating, i have calls from firends ,all sorts calling me for the last 16 years so it is at the stge you get fed up.but sms text voip so if you all email voip than maybe maybe we get to the personand i get it for the second time on 23th this month and 23th last monthso does anyone else gets it once a monthi even get people from england using unvalid numbers but they did call from hte numbers in england, differnt nad best is nto to say anything and get a dictaphone and tape the voice so if cought you can prove the voice
some one above sue mentions eircom. very strange indeed ,as last year i got eircom girl calling me, saying nothing. was normal eircom number. every time once a month ,she used to call saying nothing ,and me just listening,. and every month she called me not knowing who she was. i suppost the bill was going to be ready for paying, i suppose maybe seh was new ,and had to sell items fro eircom but hse said nothing everytime, so i got fed up, and there it was again same month following, once a month, i got a dictaphone out, sounds stupid i know ,but if any time someone get caught??you have the voice to prove it, and there it was I SAID NOTHING  and hear she was HELLO  i hang upi still do not know why eircom girls call you, if they do nt talk they are wasting the company money.but it is annoying for about 16 years all sorts of clowns calling, and you wondering which friend it is as everytime you change your number there it is they call and say nothing. but it is strange that sue mentions eircom with this number as  i just changed my phone and i am with eircom.if you leave hte firs o   off a name says put the digit 88 in front and off  course the phone is engaged.
hiryanair has the 08183 starting numbers but i do not think it is someone from ryanair.
This number started ringing at 4pm and kept ringing untill after 8pm, dont think that it is funny but by the comments on this page I wouldnt mind seeing the phone bill. not going to do anything that needs my security numbers for my internet for a few days just incase it is a line hacker, or a prig like that
last Saturday night the calls started at 9.30pm and continued at intervals until 1.10am.  It was very disturbing, the same number also rang on Sunday night August 31st 2008 at 10.50pm.  It is now 10.45 pm on Monday 1st September and so far no calls.  If I do receive anymore I will ring eircom.
Keep getting calls every hour for past four hours from 08183651350.  It's now 4.00 am.  Directory enquiries can't help told to contact service provider in the morning (sunday won;t be working).

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