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Two calls so far today.Automated message asked to press 5 . I did and it was engaged. also recieved text message about a loan that has been approved on line.........I have never appleied for any loan.
OMG, this is a JOKE!!..i am registered with TPS wth is going on?This really needs to stop, Who do i need to write to anyone?I had 17 YES 17 missed calls today already from these two numbers (08432765898 and 07589001202)I have caller reject so i hope putting them on it means it will stop.I did ring back but it said "we are currently recieving high volumes of calls" yeah right!!, then the line went dead.The 07 number looks like it's a mobile number so don't be taken in folks.
9 calls from this number today, we are a business though???? Called them back and spoke to a guy who sounded like he was 10,000 miles away with an extremely poor command of the English language. . .said the company is called Clear Advice??? I said I haven’t made any kind of application and the guy said and I quote "well F**k you then" and then hung up! Great customer service I’m sure you'll all agree!!!!
I wonder if this has anything to do with Vanquis as I just received a call, no message and I've only recently cacelled my PPI
I keep receiving calls from this number telling me that my recent loan application has been approved, I have never applied for a loan, If i ignore the calls from this number then they call later using a different number, these numbers are 07589005595, 07589005595, 084327655878.(to date) I am now really getting fed up with these calls, How can i stop them?, Surely there must be legislation in place to stop these companies causing so much anxiety and nuisence to phone users
Ambulance chasers. Probably my solicitors have sold my details, mine being Paul Rooney Solictors in Liverpool, i'll be ringing them to find out what they have done with my details.
i got a call from this number and picked it up but no one was talking
Called my work phone today (a number I don't release to people so have no clue how they got it). Googled whilst they were ringing. didn't answer it.I'm waiting to see if they will call me again
Was called by this company and told to "Wait for an importantant message.", I didn't bother!  Next time I'll find a way of speaking to someone to tell them to shove their phone up their backside!
Just missed a call from this number, so called back and it is about road traffic etc......  I called back on a landline this time not the mobile and they said going to remove number within 24 hours - What is the bet now they have my landline number I will get a call rom these idiots.....
I would like to know who these people are and why they we're calling
I just had the same missed call. I figure if I don't know the number and it's that important, they will leave a message. I don't know where they got my number.
Just received a call to my mobile, they hung up and I called back.. Recorded message, so hung up and googled to discover I am not the only one! I am not paying to call an 0845 number to ring a company who are probably fraudulant!PLEASE REPORT IT - DON'T IGNORE IT!Here is a link to the TPS - Telephone Preference Service complaints page, it takes a minute to complete, they can submit a serious complaint to the relavent watchdog on people's behalf.
Was called by this company and told to "Wait for an importantant message.", I didn't bother!
Had a call from this number today.  I didn't answer and won't be doing now I've read comments on this site.  I am also registered with TPS so how are they getting thru?
Getting cold calls on my mobile from this automated crash chaser, how did they get my number ?
Much the same for me. Ambulance chaser and then the phone hung up.  They are probably harvesting valid phone numbers.  Who knows how many millions of people their system is calling to verify a valid number.  The ambulance chaser shtick could be a cover.  I.E "Laura" in prev. post being called at home and being abused.  No valid company trying to sell a service would ever contemplate such a thing.  Another predatory company trying to scam people.  No honour in business anymore!I am a bit miffed actually.  Registration with the TPS should cover this sort of intrusion.  Just another case of a useless government institution with no Balls / power to protect the very people they serve.  Companies house should have a 3 strikes and you're out policy for companies which harass people who explicitly state they don't want telephone solicitation.  3 strikes and your company is suspended pending review.
If anyone could shed any light on this that would be great as they have called me numerous times about compensation for Road traffic accidents!!!!
had a phone call, they hung up, rang back is a company selling accident claims service.recorded 1 to be called backpress 2 to have your name removed from their list...I have pressed 1, simply because I want to know where they got my number from as it is registered of the TPS.interesting...
Woke me as was travelling in usa... sounded like someone there but not speaking. They are idiots if they think that will entice a sale!

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