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When you try and call them back when you have dialled 1471 and press 3, you cant.
Had a phone call from a gentleman (who sound Indian) for External Investigation Department asking questions about my recent car accident which was not my fault, all this information was correct, but I was having trouble understanding him and asked him to repeat the question, he then starting to speak really slowly and shouting down the phone, I told him that I was not going to answer any questions unless he was more polite, he then repeated the question about have I received my Personal Injuries compensation.  My accident was very minor and I did not have any such claim, that was when I told him that I thought he was a scam and hung up....I advise anyone to do the same.
This number called, male with non-English accent asked for my name as Mrs, could hardly understand, said he was something to do with Prize something or other, I demanded to know where he got my ex-directory from, could not understand any of what he said, in the end he hung up and when I tried to call the number back it said number not recognised.
A very foreign voice said he was calling as I had debts of over £1000 - this is the 2nd such call I have had. When asked who he was and what company he was from he tokl me "Future solutions". When asked where he got mt details from he told me "The National database". I then asked for his contact number and was asked if I was going to complain. Too right I was!He told me his number was 01245 54565. When I asked where they had got the alleged debt details from he said why should he answer my questions when I would not answer his.I then pointed out he had called me - not vice versa and when I pressed him futher to find out how they got my number he just hung up.
Just had a call 12pm asking me what place was my favorite origin. I just asked where he got my number from, as its x directory. Told him to F off and never call again.grr they are so annoying. not even english so I suspect they are not in this country.
have had a few of these calls recently todays number was shownasks for me by name and says hes not selling anything  but who is my phone supplier bt or sky. i tell them its none of their business and put the phone down, or they dont need to know and put phone down. foreign sounding number came up once or twice and they were from prize something or other same question whose your supplier.
Hi guys, same as you lot by the sounds of it, I said hi but nothing then they put the phone down, it's a SCAM!!
this number rings /hangs up /the number is not requignised by network
Same thing, u say Hello & it hangs up. Did 1471. It's a scam. Never call these calls back in case u get connected to a high - cost no. or worse , I've been told they plumb u in if u call them then they use yr no. to make calls all round the world - mainly to Africa & Asia.    If I do a 1471 & I don't recognise the no. I think  Well, if they want to talk to me they can call back.
Foreign 'gentleman' alleging that I had debts well in excess of £1000.   When challenged [as there are no debts whatsoever] he was reluctant to, or more likely unable to, give any information.   Telephone number is not recognised so unable to call back!   When asked to speak with someone in authority, line went dead.   Every reason to believe that this is some complete con operated by a bunch of liars and cheats.
Should have added that caller, when pressed, said he was calling from Future Solutions
Had a call from this number this morning (8th June 2010).The caller just kept saying 'hello' in response to me saying 'hello', before hanging up.Country code suggests it's a Hong Kong number.
Future Solutions is an IT company based in Hong Kong.  Looks like it is a mobile number as all landline numbers in HK start with a 2 (after the 852 country code). PS I used to live in HK a few years ago.
Had a call at 10.45 this morning, they didn't ask my name but said they were offering advice on loans/overdraughts/creditcards. Asked how much I owed and I gave them a false figure.  Was told they will reduce interest on these to 0%(!!!).  I was transferred to 'Mark' by being introduced as my dead father. When I mentioned this he apologised and said 'it doesn't matter, I'll change the name'.  I told them I was not interested and ended the call.  Within 5 minutes, 'Mark' called me back and tried to continue with the call.  I told them I was not interested in any of their products now or in the future.  'Mark' insisted that he was only offering advice, but needed to know the value of my loans etc.  I told him to leave me alone and hung up.  The three people I spoke to were all foreign but with English names. I got the number by using 1471.
No one said anything. Just put phone down. Idiot!
When i picked up there was conversation between a woman and a man and then disconnected.  Called back, number not recognised.
This number calls and never leaves a message.
Hallo,auch ich habe mein Auto über die Santander finanziert seit dem sind 2 Tage vergangen und seit heute ruft diese Firma bei mir an. Da ich selber Versicherungsvertreter bin, ist es mir eine Freude mich mit der Dame zu unterhalten, mal sehen was mir angeboten wird. Leider war ich bisher immer nicht vor Ort wo sie angerufen haben. Aber das klappt schon noch.Noch eins an alle hier, ich denke nicht das ihr mit der BNA Erfolg haben werdet. im Klein-gedruckten des Finanzierungsvertrages steht mit Sicherheit drin das ihr angerufen werden könnt. Lest euch das mal durch. Die Santander hat sich da mit Sicherheit abgesichert, und jeder von uns hat das unterschrieben.
Mich ruft diese Nummer schon seit einem Monat an. Ich habe auch mein Auto bei der S - Bank finanziert. Ich bin aber noch nie rangegangen, werd ich auch nicht.Die könnten ja auch den AB sprechen. Vor ein paar Tagen war vor der Nummer noch eine 0, also 008504951297. Naja.
es ist gut hier leidensgefährten zu treffen. bei mir spielt sich diese nummer auch schon seit 14 tagen auf. ich kann sie aber über meine handy-einstellung sperren lassen. dann erscheint bei denen abgelehnt. ist zwar auch nicht die feine englische art, aber deren nerviges getue ja auch nicht. lässt sich ja auch ausfüllen.

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