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Reverse Phone Check:

this number calls me every couple of days and leaves no message, I have refused to answer it, if they want to speak with me they can leave a message.  a friend told me to google the number which has brought me to this site, I also rang the number and got the Telstra Telco blurb.I wish they could be stopped, I am too busy to have these non stop calls
Sounds like 'TGA' and said he was a Telstra business partner and wanted to offer me a free upgrade to my Internet service.  Mumbled and talked very fast. Then started asking questions about my service.  I said 'if you're with Telstra, how come you don't know all this?' Privacy policy mumble mumble
Call today just before 1pm EST. I answered, they hung up
I just answered and all they did was hang up? They didn't even offer my anything, mildly let down. But it is Telstra, I called it back.
Please stop these people callng us.
i love lamp
Lloyd smells like poop........haaha this website is AWESOME!I'm a hooker so if you want a good time, give me a call ;)
I am also getting frequent calls from this number. No on is there and no message left. It Iis very annoying
After getting phone calls every day that would hang up when I answered, I stopped saying my name and just said 'hello'. The guy on the other end said "Hi, It's Paul from Telstra TGA Business Dealers" (or something close to that, he said it pretty quickly). I hung up on him - but that's who it is.
Got a call from this number today it's good to know who it is thanks to this site.  so over my details being given to telemarketers!
I get a call from this number at least once a day. But I'm always not around to answer it and no voice mail is left. Thank you very much for this page. I am now satisfied that I'm not missing out on anything important.
same as everyone else, phone rings at work with this number in the caller id around lunchtime everyday.  You answer it and they hang up straight away.  Not friggin happy....
Who keeps calling from this number?
This number calls my business phone everyday and hangs up.I am sick and tired of it !!
Everyday a phone call from this number - everyday no message left!
This number has come up on my phone 4 times over the past two days and when I answer it it always clicks off - very annoying - it is a telecommunication DTA telco group ringing on behalf on Telstra.  When you ring back it goes through to an automated service that is equally as frustrating!
The caller left no voice message.

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