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Reverse Phone Check:

I just got a text message to say this number had reached my voicemail and hung up. Very strange. My phone was right next to me and didn't ring at all.
These calls must be on a loop because I have received about 5 or 6 calls now in the last week. When you call back the message says:"Thank you for calling our centre. You were recently called by one of our customer service consultants to discuss a promotional offer or an account enquiry you recently made. We're sorry for any inconvenience caused when you missed our call. Goodbye"The message doesn't disclose which company they're marketing on behalf of, which is a pity because I'd like to ring them 5 or 6 times with a recorded message telling them to get lost.
I just answered a call from this number after I had a few missed calls this morning. It was a very quick 2 question survey about my recent experience at Kmart Tyre and Auto.
I just had a phonecall from this number with noone at the other end, but based on the last comment was probably Kmart Tyre & Auto as i recently had my car serviced there
Me 2. They called me yesterday and just now. Love to know who they are!
It must be some sort of scam!!!Received a Message which came up as being from "Missed Call", and the content of the message looked like a genuine missed call from 0881240682. However, I checked my call log and there is no record of ever receiving a missed call from the number. Seems pretty dodgy to me!
Got a call today from this number, didn't answer - called back and got the same message as the rest of you.I am on the do not call register too so wonder where they got my number from and why they are using it.
well i work at a honda dealership in vicand i have had 5 calls from this number in the last 2 days and the have all been customers looking for parts for hondasi think it may be a third party call centre, and when a customer wants parts they call honda australia it goes this company and the send the call to their closest dealerit is very strange
Received 3 missed calls from this number over the last 2 days. really dodgy! definitely not mitsubishi in my case as i have nothing to do with mitsubishi!
Same here also, last call at 0714 today. This is 4th we have had throughout the day time no noise or sound at all and no one answers.
08888 - Call at 1.30 this morning - not happy.  Had many calls from this number.  As others no-one at the other end.
Had a number of these, over the last couple of week,the most recent at 3.00 A.M this morning!!$%$%&@#.  Went to answering machine before I could reach it, no message left.  Wish we could do something to get back at them...
Same as others, 11:20pm last night.
Got a call at 1.35am this morning it gave me a fright and didn't get back to sleep!!!
Several calls now just started in past couple of weeks.  Always silent on answering, then goes dead.
Call from this number at 5.52am this morning!!!!  I'm in the early stages of pregnancy and not needing this sort of fright at that time in the morning.  Answered. No-one there. Then line went dead.  And I didn't get back to sleep.
08888 is usa based phone numbers, dont call it or it will cost you a small fortune, its a new jersey code, cant tell you who it is, but many companies use that code, there is not really a great deal you can do about, but informing your phone provider of this problem and ask them to investigate, and to correspond to you in writing with there findings.hope you and baby get a good nights sleep tonight :O)
a few calls here some times no-one there when we answer, sometimes they ask for me by name. Today they have been calling an elderly relation.
a** holes called at 5.50am
Got a call from these at 1am this morning, not happy at all. Made me tired for the whole day at work. They call all the time and line goes dead when i pick up, but 1am is taking the mick.

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