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Have been rung a few times but as we have caller display we know its a cold call so either don't answer or just pick up the phone and leave it off the hook for a minute or so. I  see from a list of STD codes that the call is from Sri Lanka
Had the hang up call from them. going to take the piss big time when they talk, going to put them on hold for ages, then just say odd things while they are talking.
I have had several calls from this number in the last few days, only at the hanging up stage at he mo I am going to rehearse a nice little scene for when they phone and I actually get someone on the other end, quite looking forward to the call now!!!!
Called twice today, second time around I heard the usual background noise and went into one of my silly routines."Hello, my name is ... <pause> Adam. And I'd like to talk to you about...."I interrupted."Hello, thank you for calling the small penis help line. How can we help you?""What?""You've reached the small penis help line. You have a small penis. It's not a problem. Would you like to speak to one of our consultants?""What?"... and so on until he slammed the phone down on me.I enjoyed that.
Tuli kaks kertaa tänään puhelu tuolta numerosta.Ensiksi noin 15:00. Vastasin nimelläni ja kun haloonkaan jälkeen mitään ei kuulunut, niin ihmetys iski. Kymmenen sekunnin hiljaisuuden jälkeen sieltä katkaistiin.Tutkin Enirosta puhelun jälkeen, mutta mitään ei löytynyt, onneks Googlesta sitten löysin tän ja tajusin mistä on kyse.Toinen puhelu tuolta tuli ehkä noin 45 minuuttia myöhemmin, ennen klo 16:ta.Tein kuten joku kehotti, että ei paina suoraan punasta luuria, vaan vastaa ensiksi, että laskua tulee sille huijarisoittajalle.Eli vastasin ja en sanonut myöskään mitään, odotan vain hiljaa.Kunnes löin sitten luurin korvaan, ennen kuin vastapäästä ehdittiin tehdä se.Onneksi nyt on numero tiedossa ja kehotan muitakin tekemään samoin, eli vastaa puhelimeen, mutta älä sano sanaakaan. Odota vain hetki ja sitten lyö luuri korvaan. Niin edes laskua sitten tulee sille soittajalle/häirikölle.
Soitti ja kyseli jotain Keijoa.
called, didn´t say a word
Samoin, 2 soittoa noin tunnin sisällä, viimeisin 17:41  (4.3.2010)
Soitti eikä ollut kukaan toisessa päässä
Soitti tänään 25.2. kaksi kertaa viimeisin klo 15.24. Ei sano mitään. , try playing this down the phone to the cold nuisance callers . True revenge govan glasgow style works a treat for us
Called my mobile today 16:25. Didn't say anything, hanged up.
Called my mobile phone.
I have had these calls up to 4 times daily since and including CHRISTMAS DAY.It is intriguing to read that there may be a connection with a company claiming they can assist with a computer virus and that they have personal details. Shortly before December I had a similar call, the adviser knew lots of personal information and said that he was told by microsoft that I needed help with my computer virus. I sent them away with a 'flea in their ear' but only after listening to much of what they had to say (They sounded so convincing at one point). It now seems that the new frequent calls are a result of this original call.
received call 11pm tonight. Just got silence. Did call back and got number not known. I also have registered with tps. Don't know whether it is relevant but just brought windows 7 and office 2007.
Similar experiences it seems. A friend of mine had a call from this number. They claimed that my friend had a virus on their computer, asked for £150.00 to pay Microsoft to get it fixed.Incidentally they had personal details to hand as well such as name etc.
Forgot to add in relationship to above comment - They claimed they were from a company called Global Communications. Such a vague company name leads to many businesses that use a similar name if you do a search.
Had a phone call today 14th Nov 2009 10:55am from this numbed 09476632176, call quality was poor and sounded as if the man was calling from aboard (India I an guessing), he new my surname and said he was supporting Microsoft Windows applications and was checking for mall-ware on my computer for 'click online' - Asked me which programme my computer was running on I said XP, he asked me to go to START - RUN and type in 'eventvwr' (Without the  '  ' ) I said I would not, as I did not know what that would do to my computer (Speaking to my brother by phone later in the day he tells me it would bring up the event log). I said to the caller that "I had not had an e-mail from him to explain clearly what the purpose of the exercise was and did he think I was daft enough to run a programme to which I did not have any pre-warning or information. I will not run this command until he did."  The caller did not ask for my e-mail address, the line then when dead.I then dialled 1471 to find out the callers phone number, it was: - 09476632176Who are these people?
I've had a number of international calls recently and today entered into a debate about whether they should be calling me or not.  I hung up half way through and the man had the cheek to call be back...three times complaining about my attitude!
called today adn said are you the main user of your comluter. I said no just to see what he said. He said can i speak to the person who is I siad no why? He said I want to talk to you about your  windows operating system. I said a firm ni goodbye and hung up. 1471 reavealed this number09476 632176

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