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I'm also in Clyst Heath - this time I'm with the Post Office rather than BT.I also have a call logged on my account on 13th May costing £5.  Having called their customer "care" line they tell me that they've not heard of this one, and they will investigate and I should phone them back in a week,  I pointed them at various articles from Express & Echo. ... il/article.htmland ... il/article.html
CC: Suggest you (and any other victims) sign up to the-scream forum and add your information there, as it looks like a better place to keep track of information, and allows people to send you private messages. far we have tracked down about 20 victims including people in Clyst Heath, Kings Heath and Pennsylvannia in Exeter, Dawlish, and now Honiton.
rang bt with the same problem line hacked in haven banks area of exeter. got premium line blocked then put on hold until line went dead when i asked for my money back! nice one bt great service. quoted the above why do we bother!muppets !
r,Add your reports to these places, and persist.DiddyDave has apparently got Exeter Express and Echo interested.
I talked to an Exeter Express and Echo journalist, and they say they are planning to run the story tomorrow or Saturday.
PS. I attempted to report my issue to BT using the above reference number provided by DiddyDave. They at least confirmed the reference number, but killed the call immediately after. I have had this sort of response from BT before!
Good result from Onetel/TalkTalk, they gave the money back straight away! But as it happened, I also asked them to put Premium Rate blocking on the line, and it turned out I already had it - so the call was made despite the block!That suggests to me a hack at the exchange and not of my cordless phone.I'm going to put a report onto Consumer Action Group forums as well.
0987654321 Called today at 10:59. There seemed to be no one on the other end and I was hung up on within seconds.
I have found on my Onetel bill one call to this number (09829323380) on 30th April at about 10pm, lasting exactly 4 minutes. I did not make this call. I was caught out by an internet dialler in about 2004 when on dialup internet, so I'm very sensitive about 09xxx numbers and other related telecom scams.I was either in, or down the pub at the time. One thought is that my cordless phone was somehow hacked - be interested to know if Wommy has a cordless phone too.I will submit complaints to Onetel/TalkTalk and to PhonePayPlus.According to PhonePayPlus the number is owned by a company called Call Republic Limited. I tried to look at their address on Google Streetview, but the Google van looks like it was blocked by a delivery van parked in the middle of the road!
This number appeared on my recent BT usage 27/06/10 lasting 6mins and costing just over £9 at 12.25am. BT have advised they are unable to do anything about it until I am billed and charged and insisted that someone made the call from my phone and that their phone lines are secure. It's impossible that anyone could have made this call! My neighbour also has a call to this number on her recent usage on the same day. Both phones are not cordless but have the standard BT 1571 answerphone.
I just got a call from this phone number.
My wife received a call today (June1st 10.10am) from a foreign sounding gentleman claiming to be "UK Debt Management" and saying she had some unsecured debt and could clear it. When my wife said she had none, he replied "OK" and put the phone down.   Dialing 1471 revealed 0987-654321 had phoned.We are registered to receive no cold calls.
They called my home landline the first time today.  As 0987654321 is an unknown number to me & the number looks funny.  So I didn't bother to answer it.  I checked this website immediately to see what the call is about.  Thank you everyone for your input.  There are so many many annnoying cold calls, scam calls in this country, uncontrollable & unstoppable.  How did they get my number??  Registered with Ofcom doesn't help.
They said there had been a conference of bankers in my area which had discovered I owed more than £5,000 and that they would freeze the interest on the loan..  I was then passed to a company called DebtLine which I see does have a website at They said the previous organisation was called Future Solutions.  When I declined to give them my date of birth the call ended.   A few minutes later I received another call from Future Solutions.  This call did not last long.  Interestingly, I have no debts. I got the number via 1471.
Call from this number - Asian-sounding guy asked for my wife by name, I asked who he was from, he said that he was calling about the Telephone Preference Service. I stopped him there and asked him to hold on while I googled his number to see if he was for real, and he put the phone down.
2 missed calls today @ 17:21 & 21:04
I got a call from this number a few minutes ago.  The guy calling sounded Indian so I thought it was from a BT call centre initially - but he asked to speak to Mrs Smith (no one of that name here), then he said that he was from an estate agents and that he was enquiring if my property was for sale.  I explained that he had actually called a church office, then he made some comment about probably not being able to persuade Jesus to sell the building, then asked me if I was a nun, and when I said no he started to try and ask me if I was married etc.  To be honest I'm not sure why I let the conversation continue to that point (in reality literally less than a minute) but it was clear he was heading towards something more creepy, so at that point I said the conversation needed to stop as he was being weird and I put the phone down.  I feel pretty creeped out now. :(
I just got a call from this number, and they said they were from ringing because I was entitled to a refund on my council tax. Indian accent, and wanted my bank details? I hung up
Just had a call from this number - nothing was said then an automated voice said "goodbye" and hung up.

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