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I also had that call today[11th april 09]
I got one @ 1130pm. Don't these telemarketers have a time frame? Call back in the morn when I can properly respond to you!
I just got a call from this number but I am not in Canada, I am in the US.I didn't answer the call and whoever called didn't leave a message.Can't we do anything about these scaming calls?
I keep getting the same calls from 10000000000 on my cell phone (Rogers)and unlisted home number. It's Telemarketing, some sort of survey offering "2 Cruise tickets to Nassau in the Bahamas".  BUT they get around the National Do Not Call List because it is a survey.....a loophole they figured out.  There was some discussion about it on some radio show, but there isn't a solution to that problem yet.  I tried to block the call but because it isn't a "real" number, the number block program does not regognize it.  There must be something that can be done...anyone have any ideas?
A few months ago, for about 3 weeks, I would constantly get it everyday, and since it looks suspicious I never picked it up.It'd always come before noon.I thought it finally stopped but it came again today. As usual I don't pick it up, but I did before, and there was absolute silence.I'd always get a new voicemail in the inbox after, which I never check so I have no idea what it is.I'm also on the Canadian DNC I have no idea why I still get it
I've received a daily call from "10000000000" on my unlisted cell phone.It's Telemarketing, some sort of survey offering "2 Cruise tickets to Nassau in the Bahamas".  Have never answered the calls, just get a recording on my voice mail and have never listen to the whole message or responded in any way to the survey.I'm on the new Canadian Do Not Call List, hope it works some day.
I got a call from that number and I dont know who it is. No one answers back when I ask whos there. Kind of creepy
I have been receiving withheld calls and then I get a text message a few minutes later from the number 10000000000and in the body of the text message, it lists a phone number that I'm not familiar with
I just got called by this number, I am with T-mobile. I accidently picked up, but hung up right away.
it called me and said my social insurance number  very creppy and i called it and it said something about an acces number what is this
yeah i'm with rogers and got that about a free cruise too. any idea how we can stop this business? also, i just signed up a few weeks ago for the do-not-call list and right after that started getting these +100000000000 calls. anybody else sign up for the do-not-call list?
Yes I'm with Rogers also and in fact did sign the "Do Not Call List" about 2 weeks ago. This number has called me about 3 times over the last week or so and it's always during work hours.
That's pretty disturbing. I wonder if the Canadian do-not-call list has been compromised.  I also found another page on this site where this is being discussed, and they seem to have an actual number (instead of the +10000000...), so if I get another call I'm going to try to get Rogers to block calls from the numbers listed on this page and see if it helps. what I've been able to find out, and this is by no means authoritative, the +100000... thing is what happens when the actual number is withheld - it can happen when the operator dials for you or calls you back, and it can happen in instances like this when people take steps to hide their number.  That's not much help, but that's what I've found out thus far.
err, i pasted the wrong link: here it is's full of annoying people saying the same thing over again, but it has several real numbers that have called with the same cruise ad, so it's worth a shot.incidentally, some of the people said that, if you pick up and don't say anything, the recording won't be activated.
I'm also with Rogers and just got a phone call from this number.  Didn't answer it and thought it was kind of weird too.
i received a call today from 10000000000, I did not answer it, and no message was left. I am wil Rogers. I spoke with Rogers and they have no idea how I could have received a call from a number like that. They sugested I do not answer it in the future.
I have gotten two calls from this number these past few days and I refuse to pick up.  I also have T-Mobile.
Same thing happened. I answered, and they knew my name. Veery creepy.
We received calls from this number each since a week now and we are in Canada, it's really boring!!!
Today i got a message from 10000000000 and it left the number: 8182406099I was freaked out so i called 818240... and a guy picked up. i was to scared to talk so i just hung up. this is kind of freaky.

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