AntiCall is a user created reverse phone directory where you can:
- Lookup reverse phone numbers to find out who is calling you.
- Read other users' feedback about the phone number owner.
- Report telemarketing calls. Make the Do Not Call list offenders notice the problem by reporting their practices.

Reverse Phone Check:

they just phoned me? who is it? i aint answering...
Had a call from this number today, didnt get to the phone in time to answer so tried to ring back and it said invalid number, number doesnt exist. can any1 tell me who is calling and what they want??? thanks.
Been receiving calls on and off all week from this number, answered once and the line went dead!!
Also been getting these calls for weeks now.  Ignored them at first then answered one but no response from other end.  Very annoying when i'm getting calls all the time at work!
Just got a call there now from that number, missed it tho..thanks4 leavin ur comments coz i wud hav never known.
Keep getting calls made by +101100000000 to my mobile, no-one says anything, they hang up, I have tried to call back but it's as though this number does not exist. What do I do?
got a call from this number earlier today wheres it from and Whats it about
I was just wondering who this is that is calling me all the time and never speak when i answer the phone to them. Any help would be great. Thanks.
got a call yesterday and today pain in the butt they keep hanging up
wont stop calling me I have about 10 calls but now I just dont answer them. it is so annoying
I just had a call from this number, nobody spoke. 1471 said it was an international number, it took 30p off my credit too!!
rings me twice a day for the last 2 weeks getting pissed of now just cut em of any idea how to get rid
this number keeps ringing my mobile, about 5 times a day.  Calls are mainly in the evening and really starting to annoy me now.  Does anyone have any idea who it is and how to stop them?
Off and on for the past couple of weeks I get this number calling. No message, just annoying
I have had a call from this number toady it was quiet for a second or two then a recorded message saying goodbye, i phoned back which i now know i should'nt have and there was nothing!!!!
I have had calls off and on from this number which I never answer, and they never leave a message.  Today I received 4 calls in total.
Had call just now from this number, thought it was dodgy so hung straight up!... not called back since?
2nd call from this number Yesterday and today (did not answer yesterday, they had my wife's name so kept calling me MR (Her surname, not mine) mentioned something about financial security, told them I was not interested twice before finally hanging up.  Accent sounded Asian Indian
This number repeatedly called my phone for somebody else and left robot messages, finally a real person called and was very rude and wouldn't answer my questions on who they were. Finally muttered "on behalf of ...???.. I apologize" and then hung up before I could get the company name. I suspect it's a debt collection company given his attitude.

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