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Megan, give me a break. This is a total scam. If this was a legit collections company, they would have a 1-800 number and would not threaten with law suits at first contact. This company has been calling people all over the country trying to scam people who scare easily. I'm not one of those people and I hope everyone will tell friends and family about this company to fight back.
I have also been getting calls from this number and when I answered today and talked with them, I told them I looked their number up on-line and it has multiple reports of scams and that I have reported them to the proper authorities.  He then asked if I had caller ID and I said yes.  He said okay, goodbye.  This is definitely a scam. I would also like to respond to Megan's comment.  While I agree totally that collection agencies use scare tactics to get people to pay, they are not allowed to make threats that they legally cannot do, i.e., threaten to sue you if they have no intention of following through, threaten to have you arrested, etc.  If a collection agency does do this, they have violated the consumer protection rights and can be sued.  Legitmate companies do not make threats of this kind.  They are also required to send a letter first and the consumer has 30 days from receipt of the letter and also has the right to request proof that you owe the debt.  They can't just call you and say that you have a court appointment the next day.  There is a process they have to follow and if they break any of these things, the consumer can sue them.  Collection agencies are good at scare tactics, which is why these laws have been put in place.  This company regardless is a total scam and the call quickly ended when he was told I had caller ID and that I had reported them to the authorities.
What is scary is that these people operating out of third world countries can obtain a phone number in the USA and operate from their home country while avoiding the laws here in the United States.  What is most scary is how easily they obtain information.  This guy knew that I once had an account with Wachovia Bank.  He knew information that must have been obtained by use of deceit.  However, financial information is much more easily otained versus medical records.  I know from working the medical field that we are bound by the laws of HIPAA.  Yet, financial institutions are much more lax in their privacy practices.  As someone else mentioned, when you ask them to provide a copy of what is owed or an invoice as they are required by law to provide they move the subject to something else.  It doesn't have to just be overseas operations.  I was scammed by an operation located in a small office within a strip mall in Upstate New York a few years ago for $299.99.  I filed a report with the State Attorney General's office and then Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office was able to get my money back for me and they shut down this operation.  I saw on a news show on either E! or the travel channel about kids going to spring break.  This lady's son drove to Mexico for spring break.  He called her right before they were about to cross the border.  A few hours later a lady called the guy's girlfriend and said he had been in a terrible car accident.  She told the girlfriend that he needed to be airlifted to a hospital immediately, but his insurance would not cover the cost of the transfer.  She said they needed her to wire money to the air-ambulance company.  The girlfriend went to the boy's mother and told her the situation.  They tried calling his cell but were unable to do so.  The mother wired $800.00 to these people and then called them back to provide the lady with the money transfer money from Western Union.  She never heard back from the lady who had called.  Later, her son called and said he was fine.  It is sad that people are so desperate and ruthless to obtain money that they will at all costs.  The saddest part is that they target middle class people who don't have it to give in the first place.  Granted, Madoff swindled several very well known and wealthy people, but in most cases it is hard working middle class people that are targeted.
Chris Thompsen, although it sounded more like Kreest Toepshun, has been calling be for a couple of days now.  Luckily I am personal friends with my lawyer and we have called him back.  He demands to know my lawyers Bar Association #, which according to my lawyer is not something ANYONE asks for.  He keeps calling my work phone # and is very stern.  My lawyer is for sure this is a scam that shouldn't last too long, he as issued a letter to the Attorney General in Iowa using my case as an example.
Just got the same call... I informed the man (as I am required by law) that this call is being recorded and gave him the Police Occurrence number.  Considering "he doesn't care about that" he should... given today he claims to be a lawyer for criminals...He disconnected the line before I got to the important legal contact info.Beware, I don't care what you are reading about this #, it is fraud.  Lets not forget, sometimes the same people who make these calls also go online to try to validate their purpose and make it sound more legitimate.
I just contacted his local phone provider, they are working on this and expect to let me know whats happened soon.Will advise as updates occur.
Megan, it would be one thing if I owed this amount that they could utilize these tactics.  However, I do not owe these people anything.  I made it a goal to clear all of my debts and I have.  To use incorrect grammar, I don't owe nobody nothing.  I have reported this to the FTC, the Memphis Police Department Fraud Division, the Shelby County Attorney General, and the T-FBI (Tennessee FBI).
Megan are you kidding me - If this is "dead on with the tactics used by collections agencies" then why are they not calling me anymore? After I investigated more into this and asked them the creditors name whom says I owe this debt - they couldn't give that information to me. Of course they couldn't give it to me because I don't owe anyone!!!!I told them I reported them to a number of agencies which I did. Now, all of a sudden they don't have me in their system. Its a total SCAM!!!ABC News just did an investigative piece on this particular scam operation. Here's the report: Good for you Patrick on contacting all the authorities.
The same as above called me twice today and left messages. I hope I can answer if they call back so I can play with their heads. I had this same thing about a year ago. At that time I started asking where they are from and what company, they even said they were from the county sheriff but couldnt tell me what county and i told them if they call back I am going to call the police. They never called back till now.
I work for attorneys and just contacted the company and told them the FBi had been  notified. I have no idea why they are calling and I can barely understand the message the guy left. I even deleted it. I know how the process works with debt collection (I assume it's debt collection) and believe me it's not this. I am calling my local plice department now and the FTC. The guy became very angry and hung up -
Ok - I called back "Ralph Murphy" who left me one of those messages and they don't know him, well how about Jerry Brown, hmmmm, don't know him either, OK, how about Mr. Johnson - NO, they don't know him either.  They know nothing of what I'm talking about - Maybe, its because I've faxed and emailed them a letter saying that I was on to their scam and have contacted the FTC, BBB, Secret Service Office, my Attorney General's Office and have called the FBI who confirmed this is a SCAM and do not call me anymore.  Oh yeah, I'm not in their system anymore!!!! Well at least I have stopped them from calling me and maybe you guys should take the same approach.  If anyone has any questions - please email me at tjokooz21@hotmail.comThey have made me so mad especially because they almost scared me into sending them $$$$$$.
I also work for an office of attorneys, actually in the business of credit repair, and I got a message on my voicemail that didn't even have the same name as me, but said exactly the same thing as mentioned above. "Do not disregard this call, do call us back. If I don't hear back from you, or from your attorneys, all I can do is wish you good luck as the situation unfolds on you."This is dead on with the tactics used by collections agencies. They didn't do anything illegal, unfortunately, or I would already have reported them to all applicable and available agencies. It is not illegal for collection agencies to use fear, they are only limited on what types of things they can say or threaten. Accordingly, they were very vague, but definitely conveyed a sense of impending disaster unless it was taken care of right away.Please don't take these things lightly as even erroneous accounts like these may find their way onto your credit reports, whether or not it is something you are actually responsible for. If you're not sure, I would recommend getting your free credit report from as they provide one free report every 12 months. At best, you will find nothing has affected you. If it has, at least you will know about it before you try to apply for a home or new car.
I received a similar call to many of the other posters from 1028551013.  He called me yesterday and said I had a court date this morning at 11am.  I told him that I have a Bachelor's of Business Administration and have both family and friends who are attorney.  I do not work in the legal field, but I do know that they don't call you the day before you are scheduled to appear to notify you of a court date.  He asked me repeatedly who my attorney is.  I told him I do not have a personal attorney.  He said then who is going to represent you.  He told me that I had 3 allegations including wire fraud, bank fraud, and something else.  He said these were serious charges and if I did not respond to them immediately I was going to be in trouble.  He said they would notify my employer of these charges.
I received a call Saturday from Jerry Brown with a Indian accent saying I owed money for a payday loan and THE SCARY thing is - I was going to pay them $$$$ today until I read all this information. I was really nervous and now I'm really pissed that there's people out there that can do this sort of stuff!!!  I had another message from Ralph Murphy saying the same as Jerry Brown.  This message is intended for ________ and either myself or my attorney needs to contact them as this is a time sensitive matter and all he can say is "good luck".  I also pulled my credit report and I have NO outstanding loans.  I did fax them a letter asking who the creditor is and haven't heard anything from them!!!
made threats about Federal Interstate Fraud, threatening me and my children.told me to call 13103624312 or else.
My dad calls me tonight about the indian guy calling about some kinda time sensitive matter that needs to be adress immefiatly or my husband will be prosecuted... my question is for what are we being prosecuted and how they got my parents number as i never give that out, how they figured out my parents number from my husband... who obviously would have no ties to that part of things.... Its way way to weird... they said i needed a good lawyer cause i was oging to need it!!
Someone named "Craig Stevens" called from this # but asked me to call back at phone # 213-550-4171. I also spoke to a "Frank Jackson" but they both sounded like the same person. They sounded like they were from India and stated i needed to be in court in CA. I live in MA. They wouldn't send me any information about having to be in court and they said they would fax some kind of information to my work "telling them what kind of people are working for them."
I have also  recieved calls from this 102.855.1013 and 818.296.4565. I have contacted the police department in my area and was advised that the #'s will be investigated and had me file a complaint with the federal trade commission for fraudualant activity. Here is the link for anyone who sees this and needs to know where to go. and paste this link and click on the bergundy box on the right to start your form.
Called saying his name was Chris Cooper and that I owed his client money and that if I didn't pay now I would be arrested.  The guy sounds like he is from India and when you ask for his supervisor the next guy is Mike Anderson and he sounds like he is from India also.

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