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Got a call from this number tonight. Guy heavy with a heavy East Indian accent, said he was calling from Primus. Supposedly signed me up for their long distance. Only info I was asked for was a confirmation of my address ( which was an old one and thus wrong ), and date of birth. Never asked for SIN or bank info. But I'm wondering whats going on. The guy gave an employee i.d. number, which of course  could be false. I am trying to contact Primus at this moment to confirm everything, and who knows maybe even a call to the authorities.
Ok a little update. I called the authorites and was given a toll free number for Phone Busters who can verify if a number is legit. The web addy is I'm going there now, it's kinda freaky when something like this happens.
Same call here in BC about 5:30 pst time. Very weird
I Live in Laval and I just recieved a call from 112-345-6789 I didn't answer and no message was left
I just recieved a call from the number. I am getting very tired of telemarketers. I am going to start answering in a different language. Maybe they'll leave me alone. Ha!
- yes, I receive many calls from these phone numbers           112-345-6789 and 212-345-6789- I never answer the calls and no messages are ever left- the 212 area code is New York City (including Manhattan)
I Live in New Brunswick Jan 31/08 & Feb 4/08 & Feb.08/08 about 1:30pm 1st & 2nd time nobody home also no message 3nd time I answerd & he asked for my wife Georgina, said she's not home & he said he will call back & he hung up??? very heavey acsent, very werid number???
I'm in Newfoundland, got a call from this number tonight (Feb. 8th) at around 8:15pm local time.  I answered, but there was nobody on the other end of the line.  I waited and listened, only to hear a click and then the dial tone.That's twice in the last week that this sort of thing has happened here.  Last week, we got a call from 1-973-993-3000, which is a spoofed number (an Internet search says that the number is from Intel in New Jersey, but it's actually another caller pretending to be calling from that number).  Any idea what's going on??
I just got a call at 9pm here in BC and the person asked my wife for me when asked howwould be calling atthis time he sead sorry and hung up. He had aheavy acsent.
I received a call from 112-345-6789 last night. The person/machine on the other end picked up as soon as I said hello. This happens far too often to be simple mistakes. Something weird is going on here. I worked up a theory that the calls are coming via some sort of automation progam that systematically "tests" phone numbers to see if they're active. If we or our answering machines/voicemails pick up, the computer knows that ours is an active number. The person who owns this system could then sell a list of active numbers to telemarketers. Anyway, I assume that's what's going on.
I live in Saskatoon and got a call from this number at 10:25 am on January 31st, 2008- no one at the other end.
I also live in Saskatoon and just got a call from this same number. No one on other end. Call was at 1:00 pm
I got this number today as well.  I am from Toronto.
I live in Alberta and received a call from 112-345-6789 on January 18th at 8:57 pm.  I answered the call before the display was shown and said hello twice but nobody answered!?  I hung up but was a little confused when I checked the display and saw such a strange number.
I received this call twice today at 1:10pm. No message.
I live in Alberta and received a call from 112-345-6789 January 10, 2008 at 8:45pm - didn't answer and no message was left.  When attempting a reverse search of this number, it said I was not using a valid area code??
I live in Ontario. I received a phone call from this number just before 5pm on 09-Jan-08. The day before I received a call from 1-212-345-6789 just before 1:40pm. Both times there was no message on the answering machine. Thought they were strange...
This # called yesterday @ 10:49 am AST. I did not answer, and of course no message was left. I did find this site that has their pone #. Not impressed & wondering wtf they are calling me.
Having just got a call yesterday from 312-345-6789, I answered this call and just listened for anything. Caller hung up after about 10 seconds.
Says they're from Collingwood Resort in Ontario, thick thick accent. Hung up when asked to speak to supervisor.

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