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After about a month of dealing with this it's finally over. I had an ENV2 and switched to a Blackberry and that's when the "spam" text messages started. Here's how I got it to stop. I reactivated my ENV2, signed on to my Verizon account and removed subscription to moble email, on my phone I canceled my 2 email accounts, and most importantly CANCELED BACKUP ASSISTANT, reactivated my Blackberry and the "spam" stopped.  I am soooooo happy!!!
Susan!  seriously did it work?  I have been spending countless hours with Verizon and totally frustrated!  I too switched to a Blackberry after being frustrated with a LG Voyager ... and the craziness began ... Did you do all of this with Verizon assistance?  Do you no longer get mobile email? I am getting this on my text messaging NOT the mobile email ... will that make a difference?  thanks!
I figured it out and went into the Verizon store and told them what to do. (There is another hour of my life I can't get back) When I say I canceled my mobile email accounts I mean that from my ENV2 I canceled my email accounts so I wouldn't get my email on THAT phone anymore. I reactivated my mobile email accounts once I activated my Blackberry and the text messages from 118012222269 STOPPED! Apparently Backup Assistant was the cause but I did the other things just in case.
Susan ... you are a blessing!  I have never been so frustrated with Verizon ... so basically, I need to go to a store (or can I call them?) have them reactivate my old phone, however my old phone did not have mobile email!  I had text messaging, internet browser (that I would get on FB etc.) on that phone. I did and think I still have the backup assistant! If you would be so kind and TELL me what I need to do I would so appreciate YOU!  I am not too bright when it comes to all this mess!  Today they told me I needed to change my phone number! Thank goodness I didn't do that!  A Verizon agent is calling me back tomorrow ...
I really, really, really feel that backup assistant is the problem. When we have Backup assistant on our phone and we switch to phones that don't have backup assistant, like a blackberry, Verizon glitches.  It continually tries to check for updates, realizes that it can't and sends the text message.  Some programmers cute joke. Mary, it sounds like your new phone is Backup Assistant capable. If this is the case I would still try this and when you reactivate your "NEW" phone again you can sign up for Backup Assistant again. It was suggested by several Verizon employees that I change my cell number also.  Not an option, this is my business number. So I pushed hard for an answer. So on my ENV2, once it was reactivated, this is the directions to cancel Backup Assistant:click "center key"click "Media Center"click "Browse & Download"click "Backup Assistant"click "Options" (right soft key?)click "Cancel Subscription" (center key)click "yes"You should be able to do this from home, if you want. I would just suggest calling from a land line. Hope this helps.Susan
Thanks! My new phone is the BlackBerry Storm ... if I remember right (ha) I think they told me that BlackBerry does not have that feature and one must download a CD on your computer and back up your BB ... something I have yet to do! Soooo .... I will need for them to cancel my BB first, reactivate my Voyager, cancel my Backup assistant (which they actually encouraged me to keep) ... then cancel my Voyager and re-activate the BB.  Great way to spend a Saturday!   What is so ironic about all this is that a Sprint rep encouraged me to google the 118 number and read what others were doing!  Funny a Verizon employee didn't think of that!
Mary, I just reread your first post and see that you now have a Blackberry. Now I feel sure this is your problem.  Blackberry is not able to use Backup Assistant. Hence the glitch. Once you get this settled & you are back to using your Blackberry, back up your contacts on your computer using the Blackberry program and something like Microsoft Outlook yourself! Call Verizon and ask for a Blackberry specialist to walk you through it the first time. I guess you could do this all in the same phone call.  Another 2 hours of your life you'll never get back. :-)Susan
It sounds like you got it. reactivate, cancel, cancel, activate, load CD, backup contacts. I was soooooo excited that I posted the solution on 3 web sites. Now if we could just get Verizon to learn this. :-)Have a FUN Saturday.Susan
I will let you know how it goes tomorrow!  thanks :)
You guys are a lifesaver (hopefully)  I too just switched phones to a blackberry and moments after activating my new phone, the texting started.  I haven't even had it active for 24 hours and have already gotten 6 text from this number!!  Ridiculous.  I'm not sure if this is part of a Verizon error but this is just adding to my list of frustrations!!  Argh!
I have been getting these annoying text messages for about 3 weeks now since I activated my Blackberry at the Verizon store. I have spent hours on the phone and in the store trying to stop them. I have sent 4 replys, "stop", "stop all", "cancel" & blank. They always follow an email that has been forwarded from my Yahoo account to my Blackberry & they are sometimes delayed. I also get them randomly throughout the day. But almost never at night, unless I get an email.  HELP!!!!!
I have been receiving up to 30 of these a day.  Verizon can't seem to stop this.  Who is it and why do I keep getting these
I got it as well today. Verizon says that we can be charged for receiving the text, not for responding to stop it. Call your service provider to have them block spam messaging and text "stop" as a response.
Hey i am from Los Angeles and i keep getting those stupid TXT every hour. I even called Verizon they blocked that but still....getting them....whats that???? I send TXT back and on my account it says International TXT WTFK???If anyone know plz send me e-mail ...
I also received a text from that number today.  I called Verizon to report it.  Hope they can resolve this soon. Especially if we're being charged.  I'ts annoying enough to these spams.  Being charged just adds insult.
I just got two messages today from this number. the first looked like a friends txt then when I opened it, it made no sense.  The second one said if you linked to it you would be chgd.  I deleted them both and better not get charged.  So seems even if we are the do not call list.....they are going to start txting. Verizon better fix this
I forwarded a complaint to FCC, and that's when I got the attention of Verizon corporate somebody. They're still working on it, for 2 months now. I even went to the store to have it blocked. I received two more messages after the block was placed. It did not work either. For a communication giant it sure is strange that this problem could not be resolved.
I got the same text... wtf?
I have gotten 2 texts saying to reply to the message to unsubscribe.  I have never subscribed to anything with my phone so I wonder if they are trying to get me to text back so they can charge an arm and a leg for it. The text they sent me makes no sense at all either.. it just a bunch of letters and numbers.
Who is this and why . . . why do they keep texting?

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