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I aso got call from this number. Also a China lady speaking in Mandarin. As it is my mandarin already not that good PLUS I was in SG for work AND was incurring roaming charges. I told her I'm busy and not interested but she refused to let go. Passed the phone to my co-worker who speaks mandarin, he told her not interested but she just kept going on n on so he hung up the phone... got 30+ miss calls from this person dat i either ignored or cancelled the call. Dem persistant man... And no, I cannot afford to ignore unknown numbers cos I'm in support line, so unknown numbers is a norm for me if user calls... =.=
same here..i just receive call that number..luckily i check out by googling before pick up..confirm its was a spam...
me too ... she said she is from travel agency.... she spoke chinese with me and i told her i dun understand chinese  .... then she asked for my full name , i gave her fake name ... by then by she call me again but i answer it ...
Same here....So clever.. they have been called for few time,even they call me watch a programs in Astro.She said i won 48 thousand hong kong dollars...and request for my account number and ic..please be aware of this number.
just get a call from this number... 119011111... sounds like china girl...
I just received the phone call just now, she said she is from travel agency...she asked me whether i understand mandarin or not...once i heard her voice sound like China's chinese, i feel very unsafe, then i tell her "sorry, i am not interested"...
I got a call. But it doesn't look like a normal number so i dint dare to answer it. so i jus end the call without picking it up.
same as me...just received the same call...
got a missed call from this number...just wanted to know  where the call was from  but from the looks of this forum..its chaotic!!!
Yeap, the same thing as above, about travel agency in malaysia and doing a survey.she knew my chinese name too and also asked for my age.. and also told me that my number have been entered into the registry so that if there is any lucky draws,i might be one of them.LOL, i know this is a scam but will there be any consequences after picking up the call and spoke for a few minutes?? something like.. tracing my location or interrupting my phone line?? or maybe.. STEALING MY NUMBER to use it...??
A Chinese lady called me 3 times oredi, telling me that her company just opened a new travel corporation in KL. She din asked my ID, bank account or inform me that I won any prizes but she knew my full name in CHINESE!!!!! and said she just wanna do some research whether Malaysian people like to travel personally or thru travel corporation. Then she keep calling me, informing me the update info of her company then asked me to turn on TV to watch the TV that her company sponsored. Huh, now i really can't tahan oredi and i din answer my phone oredi. I dun know i am doing the rite thing or not...
same here ~
i also received call from this phone num..i think it is a scam..unless i really did enter some kind of contest and did submitted my num to for lucky draw..
This woman spoke Cantonese to me, said that someone forge my MyKad to open an account from *Wong Mei Zhu* (translate from Chinese name). She claimed to be HSBC bank manager from KL. Then she helped me to inform police Malaysia. Then a Malay called, claimed to be a police officer & I made a report. He asked me that how many account I have to check whether an evil organization miss used my account for black money transfer. Am I in trouble...? Better check my accounts!
Either I received, but the caller asked me to attend a fair to win prizes.
I got a call from the number 11901111 and then they said that I win big prizes, and asked me to phone to the following number                 - 00852 3076 3335They requested me to call back them after I have confirm everything. The number they ask me to call back is 00852 3077 9989.They also mention that they are calling from Hong Kong. So can you please check it out for me, thanks.

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