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omg! dont ever txt me again! jesus! u shoudnt toy w/people like dat! and who has a # like 1234? wateves. u dont no me, and i hope u never do!
and im reeeealy p!ssed! how the he*l did u get my #! u better not tell anyone it!
what is this and how did u get my #
I just got a text from who I don't know "hi ;) I took your # off our friend I bet you won't guess who I am! Aww I sm so shy u can find me online my profile is" How the the hell did they get my phone number? Any suggestions on how to get off their text list. This cost me $$$
1234  ---- psnittany22 ---- sad.....   How someone is so desperate and lonely, so argumentative and lonely based on how high maintenance she is, though believed to be a social butterfly..psnittany22 - If you are such a social butterfly, why is it you can not find a friend in front of you....why is it you are sending a text out to children, working class people who are truly successful and don't have time to play with little girls who are so desperate, so lonely, so attention seeking that they are searching for friends online? My advice-stop sending out text messages who don't care. Trust me, if you can't find a friend in front of you, pretending you are some one you are not is not going to get you a friend online either, face it, you need to find the friend in you before you start looking for the friend in front of you.....Oh yea, and now that you have officially made a fool of yourself, do you feel less lonely, do you feel more attractive and successful?Doubt It, but you keep feeling lucky to find the treasure that very well may have walked right by you today, while you were focused on who will contact you in response to your lame and sad text or your online shout outs!
THAT WAS TO CREEPY! i woke up to that text! please stop this thing......or 10 yea old sister aready cried to my mom!
OMG this freak is texting me. I am freaking scared PLEASE TELL ME who THIS IS!!!!
don't text me please I'm a business this is a work phone
don't text me please I'm a business this is a work phone
They texted me on unknown saying "Hey I got your number from our friend. I bet youll never guess who this is. Im too shy.. look up my page at"Its some stupid dating site.Im 15.
I received a text...hello i took your # off my friend, I bet u won't guess who i am! aww I'm so shy.. look me up online, my profile is friend-only.netWhat a joke! how do they get peoples numbers?
Just got a  text from unknown saying they got my # from my friend.  "Bet you can't guess who I am. I'm too shy."  And told me to go to
This person texted me 2 times
plz dont toy with me by leaving txts
got the same call the others .what is this
why would u text someone with an unknown number u could have aleast left ur name. This is not enough information for me if u care to hear from me u will do the right thing by leaving ur name and number, if not, u will not hear from me and dont bother by texting anymore.
do not call me
Just got a  text from 1234 saying they got my # from their friend.  "Bet you can't guess who I am. I'm too shy."  And told me to go to
well it wasnt a call shorty txt me and wrote hey i got ur # from our friend i bet u wont guess who yhis is lol im so shy
Got a call from 1234. What kind of a number is this anyway? They called and hung up straight away.

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