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Hi there,Only new to this, but I was an idiot just like Shaun and bought a package worth $396.  It was only when I decided to try and book a holiday, did I discover that all the info the sales rep told me was not true.  Whenever I called I talked to Alex or Mandi and neither would give me the name of a supervisor - on different occasions they each claimed that the other was in charge.  They don't return phone calls or follow through with their actions.  I also have been trying to obtain a refund for a few months now without any success.I did however find out through the Dept of Fair Trading that they are not registered as a travel company - but they do promote themselves as such on their website and brochures.I am submiting a complaint via the Dept of Fair Trading - not keeping my hopes up as to getting money back.
Received a fax with ABN 83 139 314 015.ABN lookup;ABN: 83 139 314 015  Last modified: 02 Mar 2010 ABN status: Active from 07 Sep 2009 Entity name: Agora Marketing (Aust) Pty. Ltd. Entity type: Australian Private Company GST status: Effective from 07 Sep 2009 Main business locationState: VIC Postcode: 3130 Trading name(s)  Agora Marketing (Aust) Pty. Ltd.  Agora direct  Bali Getaways Other registrationsDeductible Gift Recipient: Not entitled to receive tax deductible gifts ACN or ARBN: 139314015Also found this info through a domain lookup;Domain Name:            Modified:                   07-Apr-2009 08:46:05 UTCRegistrar ID:                    TPP InternetRegistrar Name:                  TPP InternetStatus:                          okRegistrant:                      Big City Promotions Pty LtdRegistrant ID:                   ABN 62131238652Eligibility Type:                CompanyRegistrant Contact ID:           TPP551561-RRegistrant Contact Name:         Devang ParikhRegistrant Contact Email:        Visit for Web based WhoIsTech Contact ID:                 TPP551562-CTech Contact Name:               Devang ParikhTech Contact Email:              Visit for Web based WhoIsName Server:                     ns2.makeursite.comName Server:                     ns.makeursite.comIf any of this helps then good luck.
I was an idiot enough to buy an accom voucher for $298 from them, and it's a SCAM!!!!!!! They are dodgy!!!!!! Spoke to Alex & Mandi, they are useless.Im trying to get my money back since March 2010, and getting nowehere, they are just hanging up.I've lodge a complaint to Fair TRading, let's see if it helps.Wish me luck
Doing some searching reveals the web host to be TPP internet and the registered owner to be: Registrant Contact Name:         Devang ParikhDo a search for Devang Parikh and you'll find he has been busted for scams of the holiday nature before.
back from vacation, there were 3 messages regarding "Urgent" financial matter and call them back immediately. names, anna jones or brandon murphy, with reference no 143.
btw they didn't have accents and the last message from brandon murphy was stern.  Bastards!
I've gone through every possible strategy to stop this company's nuisance faxes. They completely ignore stopfax orders, personal verbal and written requests to stop, and even abuse means nothing to this serial pest.I rang the 1300 number again today to try to stop these infernal faxes and got a woman who claimed to be working by herself with no supervisor. If only there were a way to get back at them and hit hard.
This is the ASIC complaint form. I suggest as many people as possible fill this in: ... 78517a879b26f5e
On going nuisance fax with supposed Holiday DealsTel : 1800 851 184 ABN : 83139314015
Big City promotions are very persistant! They faxed me using ABN 83 139 314 015 I visited (07/04/10)www.stopfaxing and entered my number, peace at last! Not so, today20/05/10 they fax me again new / different ABN! 62131 238 652.Their previous freecall number was 1800 851 184 today is 1300 943  346 I did call( unsuccessfuly) 03 9011 8431
I have made formal complaint to the ACCC and ombudsmen about this BOGUS Company.PLEASE do the same yourselves! It is the only way that these 'scammers' will be taken down! Do it!Details I managed to find out:Land-line No: 03 9011 8431  -  A person calling themselves 'Alex'. Claimed to be connected with Big City Promotions, and taking calls for them as well as 'other numbers'..??!!'Toll Free Line' - 1300 943 346ABN search on: the following ABN: 62 131 238 652  -  does SHOW as a currently registered 'Private' Company.Address: Level 1, 92 Railway Street South, Altona VIC 3018** A similar address in this street has also be found to have been used in the ZANOK TECHNOLOGIES / ZANOK I.T. Scam and 'graduate scam'DO NOT EMAIL:!!! This will only capture your return email address to be used in or on-sold for future scams!Website:* WELL...ANYONE can make a 'shop-front' website to keep up appearances can't they...?BEWARE !!!REPORT THEM !!!!
I got another one did report this to Telstra (1800805996) for a trace but you must have the time of the fax which my current fax machine does not report.If you have a phone/fax you can register for the Do Not Call on, they say you can not register a fax machine but if there is a phone attached you can.These are Time Share holiday people. Have a look at "their' building on the web site promo shots then search the address on Google maps and see that it's a 2 storey building.I also get faxes from DR. Victor Irsa Kurzan from Spain offering a share in 10.5 million dollars, I don't think so. Have reported this one as well.Did try the web site Stopfax  but they did not stop these as I have rec. 3 or 4 since then. Also found another site, like this, complaining about stopfax not doing their job at all. It's John's Blog and title is Does really stop faxes? You should be able to search it.More soon.
Just got a holiday junk fax as well.Will be giving them a call on 03 9011 8431 as per their contact link on their website provided above.
I have also been getting faxes from this company(and many others) for some time, as always had contacted them to say STOP, but they keep coming, last phone call went really bad, refused to let me speak to a supervisor.Got another one today, found this site while trying to sort this problem out.As Brad did from an abn search one address is Wheelers Hill Vic 3150, but the other is;Level 1, 92 Railway Street South, Altona Vic 3018 which is a office lease building (search on Google Earth). Guess what as soon as there is to much heat they pack up and leave.Found many other people complaining about fax scams, well to avoid the wasted paper and ink use a computer fax system like Winfax, though you must leave your computer running all the time it is much better, just store and/or print the ones you want and delete the junk, no waste.Telstra on 1800805996 will do a month long (free) trace of all calls to your fax line so you then report to them which ones were junk and they will tell them to stop.
They just called my house now. They said they were after my neighbour but couldn't find his number. They gave his full name but I knew that it wasn't the name of either of my neighbours, so I asked what he was calling for. He said it was a 'private business matter.' Having studied about these scams, I asked what the company name was. He replied "AEGIS BPO Services Limited." I searched the company name on google and found that it was a business matter in Mumbai, and the number he had left me (1300368012) directed me to this website. I said they weren't home at the moment and he supplied with me a reference number, emphasising that it is really important to give him the reference number. He didn't have a strong indian accent, was probably more Latin American as Adel mentioned. I will personally make a complaint about them.
Called just now
Yes we just received one as well.  I have requested they remove our fax number via the 'Feedback' page on their website . Did not give any 'real' contact details in case they take it upon themselves to add my phone and e-mail to their database as well!  I used as my e-mail address.Lets see how it goes.
What the F**** stop calling my phone keintzi know my number is so popular to call but can you annoy some one else. By the way why are use selling s**t for? Go make use of it and sell it to yourself? Use might make more money if you think about it? But yes please don't call again before i get the CIA involved zzzzzzz!
I just got off the phone with him again, this time i played porn into it while he was speaking.Then I told him that sure ill take his laptop and phone if he personally delivers it to me. Reasons probably obvious...Im still receiving calls from him, 2 or 3 a day.Ive been polite, now ive been rude, and still he calls.One more day of it and im going to call telstra and have them bar the number.

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