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These people are blowing up my phone DAILY!!!!! at least 3 or 4 times a day ... its SOOO ANNOYING!! i've answered once or twice - just white noise. They never ask for anyone - they never leave a voice mail. I just want them to stop calling me!! I thought it was Verizon calling me at first, but its not - its really obnoxious. My number is on every "do not call" list in this universe, but apparently they got it from somewhere!
I have received probably 10 calls from these people. I constantly tell them not to call me anymore. Today, I asked for a supervisor only to be told "I'm sorry ma'am." I argued until the man put me on hold and came back about 2 minutes later stating, "I am the supervisor on the floor today." I laughed and asked who he worked for and I told him I didn't want to hear "several insurance companies in your area," to which he responded, "I am unable to share that information." We then argued until he hung up on me... I'm determined to find out who these people are so I can report them!
I have told them twice to stop calling me and they are STILL calling me? How do we get this to stop?
this guy has a old address from like 4 years ago kept on asking for my new address
I have repeatedly gotten calls from 1-423-1 over the past two weeks. I have not picked up and answered. If  this 5 digit telephone number could be dialed into my phone-then it must be a scam as the other posters have attested to.
14231 is literally stalking my cell phone right now.  I really need to report them because my phone rings 8 times a day.I would appreciate any information available to help me report this company.Thank you
How the F@%* is this legal and who has the authority to put this to a stop and put all of these scam artists in front of a firing squad that includes all of us getting these calls!!Get a real job! Stop wasting the time of us that work had, support our families, pay our taxes, and LOVE OUR COUNTRY!!CE
keeps calling my phone! stop!!!
14231 caller id reads "out of area" they did not leave a message.
i got the call today but did not answer....
I got this call today, definitely sounds like a scam, the guy started mouthing off an address I lived at almost 3 years ago. They clearly get your information off the Internet any way they can and then call you, acting like they have legitimate information to "verify" with you, when all they are really trying to do is make you think the call is important so that you will stay on the line. Unless you are really in the market for shady insurance, hang up.
I got this number today and they asked for a previous owner. (who I do get calls for by other companies all the time) they asked if I owned this number and I laughed and messed with them pretending to be interested in their "insurance" after asking what the company name is he replies "nothing" so funny I mentioned gieco he said w"e are many insurance companies." just buy the call he knew the city I live in and it was not the same as he previous owner. weird.I dont see how these numbers could be coming from a NY area code when its clearly not a new yorker on the other line. There are ways to make numbers show up fake, they must be using some software with a server.. once he started collecting more information I told him to call me back same time tomorrow.. this time I will be the inconvenience.haha update same time tomorrow.. wish I could record the silly accent.
I keep getting calls from this number, shows up as 1-423-1, messages left are of nothing or just crowd nnoises, sometimes in spanish, so confused, but Im not picking up...Who is this, i need to find/report these people
Got a call from them today...I answered and they asked for me by first name.  I asked who was calling, they said, "Ben.  Is this -----?"  I said, "Ben, where are you calling from?" he said, "Am I speaking with -------?"  I said, "Ben, where are you calling from?"  He got angry and said, "I am asking if I am speaking with ------?"  I said, "if you won't tell me where you're calling from, I'm going to have to hang up."  He said, "Are you sure?"  LMAO.  Yeah, pretty damn sure.  I hung up.
I got a call from this number too - i didn't answer, and no voicemail was left. very weird...
When I picked up, they asked for Candrace/Candace (it was hard to tell because it was really loud and lots of stuff was going on in the background at the other end.) When I said there was no one by that name, they asked "Is this number XXX-XXX-XXX." The guy tried to launch into a sales call, but I cut him off and asked who he was calling for. He said "several insurance agents in your area." I told him not to call again. 14231 appears to be a zip code for the Buffalo NY area. Can they do this??

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