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¡Pues a mi ya me tienen harta! La semana pasada el 1444 me llamaba unas 8 veces al día (no exagero) y cuando cogi por fin este viernes (porque yo trabajo y no puedo estar cogiendo el móvil), resultó ser una oferta de Vodafone que ya me habían hecho hacía menos de un mes y que había rechazado. Les dije q dejaran de llamarme tanto porque me parecía exagerado lo que habían hecho. Pues desde ayer este 1441 me esta llamando, que en lo que llevo de mañana ya lo ha hecho ¡4 veces, cada media hora exacta! Yo no se que puedo hacer. ¿No se puede denunciar en algún sitio?
Llamadas continuas esta mañana
Alexandria financial bastards
Alexandria spam
I get 3 or 4 calls a day from this number its been going on for months. I don't answer it after the 1st time when there was no one there.  Also haven't tried calling back in case its a scam.  If it is MBNA I don't have or want a card with them.  And now they have started calling my home number too.  Not happy!!!!
They keep phoning me all the time - if they carry on I will get them reported as some of us are busy at work and when your mobile goes off all the time it's ridiculous
I have contacted OFCOM and they have registered the complaint - I would advise everybody to contact them
been calling me for around 4-5 days now and call daily. its getting annoying. who has a phone number that i can report it to?
Contact OFCOM who can issue fines against companies breaching privacy laws.  Predictive diallers are supposed to connect to a live adviser and the potential customer.  If they don't the company can be fined.
Yes very annoying, what's the point in calling you, if when you answer, there is no reply. I assume it's in the hope you will call them back and get stung for charges on your mobile. I will send them an email cancelling my account. I thought silent calls were being made illegal?
I have a MBNA card but dont use it as when I did, the service was literally shocking!  MBNA.. give it up you annoying tossers
Getting several calls a day from these people,it has been going on for months,getting really fed up with it now.
It is MBNA. I have a card with them so I called the call centre and told them if I get another call I will cancel my card with them. Soon stopped.
i keep getting calls as well from 1448003890043 its been going on every day for 2weeks its really pissing me off dont you get the hint you stupid idiots if people dont answer the calls
I have answered and also get no reply. I have to say this is bloody anoying and as I have a MBNA card and should I pick up extra charges from my mobile, I will end my asspciation with MBNA immediately!
i do not won,t a mbna card please stop calling me twice a day
This number called me from the US but ~I am in the UK. tried to call back but it cuts off on dialing
3 calls from this number in last 30 mins. When I answer there is no reply!Annoying!!!If it is MBNA I do have a card
Yeah, It's MBNA Credit cards, They keep calling me and I dont even have a credit card with them. what a pain

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