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Hi I received a call tonight, supposedly from a Tania from ICS.  I, like many others are on the 'do not call' list, however, 'research companies' are currently excluded.  I said to her that if she answered one of my questions, I would answer hers.  My question was, where are you calling from?  She went back to her script and stated she was from ICS in South Melbourne.  I insisted, that if she answered one of my questions, I would answer hers, at which point she hung up on me.I googled and like others communicating on this site found that it is probably not a so called 'research' company.PS// appears that we can turn the tables on these companies that call us at home, regardless of whether we are on the Do Not Call List, by asking Telemarketer, a personal question, for eg,What company are you calling from and where is it's physical locationWhat country are you calling from?CheersMargaret
6 .00 PM. Received a phone call from someone claiming to be from ICS in South Melbourne. I told her I was on the 'do not call' list, and her call was illegal, and I would be reporting it to the police.
Received a call from what I can only assume was this number as it came up on my phone as "OVERSEAS". Female caller with Indian accent. Asked her how she got my number and she immediately told me she was not a telemarketer and was not trying to sell me anything, that she was ocnducting a survey. I asked how for and she said ICS. I asked who they were and she said "Information Customer Survey". I asked again who that is and she said they are in South Melbourne and are doing a survey. She then asked me if I work full time and I said "I am not answering your question. You have not told me who you are and why you are callling". She kept saying she was from ICS and was doing a profile of employment etc... I said "Yes, but who is it for, the government, a university, who are you doing research for????". She would not give me information so I told her to please remove my name from whatever register she had gotten it from. Before I could say anything else she hung up on me.
Wow! Just got another call 10min later from "Jenny" from ICS. Repeated the exact same spiel and when I asked if she was the person who had hung up on me she hung up on me AGAIN!
Claiming to be, "Information Contact Services from South Melbourne", twice strong Indian accents.  Annoying, they refuse to take "don't call me" as a response.
Wish I'd had a chance to look these guys up on the net while I was on the phone to them.  They tell you that they got their information from a survey you particpated in within the last 6 months, however some of the information (such as my name and the address) were wrong, which they say must have been as mistake made at the time of the survey.  They are very persistent and although I was suss, I did fall for making an appointment, although I advised them I would need to call me the day before to confirm, which they haven't done so I presume they don't want me to back out (which I will be doing in a hurry!!!).  They did say that I could ask the rep to leave at any time and they would do so, so guess I will be testing that theory.
Asian lady who we could not understand.Very persistent.Hung up on them.
I have also received a phone call from this number on 27 October 2009 at 17:05. Again, it was a male with an Asian accent. I asked him if he was a salesman and he replied "Ummmm errr not exactly...", then went on to trying to sell me house insulation. The call then was brought to an abrupt end when I explained to him that I already have perfectly good house insulation. I am TCP registered but as others have already said, this sadly cannot stop international calls. I am going to circulate this number to my friends and family.
CARE: they are also giving out 1800509443 as a number to call back on.I had the same issues as everybody else, persistence bordering on harrassment to book an appointment and I got really concerned about how they had got my name, phone number and address and what they were doing with the information they had collected. So I requested them to destroy all of my information and telephone number and not contact me again.I rang the caller ID number and requested information on the company (care: I have no way of verifying that any of the below details are legitimate)Company name: ICS Information Contact Services (located in South Melbourne)They are QUOTE "a private advisory bureau" (which I queried the meaning of and was advised that they educate tax agents and financial advisors)Pls exercise care and don't release any information.
Keep receiving calls from this number, the guy has an indian accent. Very persistant in getting personal details and setting up an appointment for someone to come to my house to see me. Apparently can save up to 50% on tax etc etc. Will not take NO for an answer. Be very weary... these sleezbags are dodgy!!!
My wife received a 'survey' call from these guys, which was followed up to me with an offer to save $1000s on tax etc.  Very high pressure, refusal to listen, take no for an answer or deviate from the script, which ended up working on my excessive sense of politeness.We accepted a visit from a consultant.  It turns out this number (ICS) must be telemarketing contractors.  The company using them is Emery Group (  They appear to be a regular financial advice company based in Perth with a focus on real estate.  What they are selling is a 2 hour 'educational session' for couples at a cost of $40.  From what I can gather they will use it to present a plan of continual gearing, borrowing against your house (e.g. 'buying an investment property every 2 to 3 years') with a particular tax setup.  Presumably the investment properties are found through them.  Supposedly they do not contact you after the session, leaving it up to you to contact them.
i just got my cell a week ago, and 180066774363 has called me over 15 times!!! everytime i pick up their call, they hang up 5 seconds later... i don t have an hbc account... how do i make it stop?!
For the past 4 or so years, I have been getting hassled by Transpacific on a monotonously regular basis.  They are looking for someone called "Omar" or "Kylie" and no matter how many times I tell them that's not my name, they persist.  They have the right number, but no other details.  Every time we've taken the complaint up the line and asked them to stop calling, it works for a few months and then the a**holes are back at it.  About 18 months ago, we ended up tracking them back to Repcol, the WA company who owns them.  When I got hassled again 6 months or so ago, I went straight to Repcol who have now (of course) sold Transpacific, so couldn't do a thing about it.  Annoys the hell out of me!  When will something be done about these f***ers?????
I have had about 10 calls from "Charles" at Transpacific. Have repeatedly refused to give him my DOB and last time told him not to call again under any circumstances. He is a persistent little bugger (or has no short term memory) - he called again yesterday and left a message asking me to call 1800 213 738. Very happy to find this site, which confirms my suspicions that the calls are scam.
These guys wanted money that i am not sure we owe - how do i find out if we do owe them any money
These guys have been calling me for years, continually harassing me - wanting my DOB and other personal information, which I steadfastly refuse everytime. I have since added all "private" numbers to my auto reject list on my mobile, though this doesn't stop Transpacific from leaving messages all the time. One time I had 4 missed calls in a row from private numbers (the auto reject just shows who the call is coming from) then vmail msgs in their lovely Indian accent to call back their number and quote reference number for an important business matter.They are so so so rude. I think once long ago I asked for an itemised breakdown on what I allegedly owed - so it can be posted to the mailing address they had so it can be done in writing - still waiting for that.I have dealt with other debt collectors and have made payment arrangements with all the others as they have provided me information - these guys just sound like a bunch of criminals - if you owe them money and ask for an itemised invoice, I don't think that's too much to ask.Though it gets better, i got a call from them tonight using a very short number that appeared on my mobile +4065. I answered and they kept saying my name but I refused to confirm until the caller said who was calling - that kept going for about a minute until the Indian caller abruptly hung up.W**kers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As of recently we've had these pricks ring us too - they refuse to leave us alone. They ask to speak to my mother (who is away) and we passed on the message. She had never heard of them before and asked us to tell them to go away - so we did but they keep on ringing - including 7am on a Saturday morning for christ sake! After reading what everyone else has said then it gives me some idea as to how full of s**t they really are.
i get calls from these people day and night they say there gonna stop ringing but they still call and they even got my parents number but dont know how,im sick of these fuk wits and they always change there names,they also once told my husband that there fukin his sister i can not believe these people there abnormal!!!!!!!!!!.
I've been getting the same from them for 2 weeks now.3 messages, spoke to him the 4th time and told him the person he was after didn't live here, 5th time today I insisted on speaking to the supervisor and I made it very clear I didn't want any more calls from them.

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